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TV Review: Arrow – Season 3 Episode 2: “Sara”

By: Kyle Shultz

Arrow Season 3 title card

As much as I’ve been giving Katie Cassidy hate these past two seasons (Season two, really) I must say I really love the direction the writers are taking her this season. This episode was really a big deal for Laurel Lance, as not only did her sister die, but she died right in front of her; a mere five or six feet in front of her & the reaction to that death scene was wonderfully portrayed, I felt that emotion coming through Katie Cassidy. Cassidy is a wonderful actress, and I first saw her back in Supernatural and in a show called Harper’s Island & knew she could give a lot to the roles she’s been in, so when she was cast as Laurel Lance, I was ready for her. Throughout the past two seasons, she didn’t really have that much of a physical role as I was expecting it to be and this season she is doing more, and interacting more & I really enjoy it. She will be filling in the shoes eventually that Sara left, and one interesting aspect I cannot wait to see in the show is when Oliver eventually sees Laurel out filling in the role of the Canary, or Black Canary. That will be a conversation that I really cannot wait to see unfold.

Speaking of Oliver, seeing Oliver look at Sara’s cold corpse on the table of their hideout was interesting. He didn’t really react like he did with Tommy’s death, but he still reacted in a hesitant way that he really couldn’t believe that she was dead. He was nearly silent throughout that whole scene whereas Laurel and Felicity were in tears, Roy didn’t really do much but just sit back and console Felicity. I mean he was in shock as well, but as a character he didn’t really do too much in this episode, until that moment where he and Arrow fight Komodo for the last time. Having Roy in this show,t feels like they really don’t know what to do with him this season unless he is in his Arsenal suit. I don’t mean to say that as an offense to the writers, it’s just that for the past two seasons we’ve had some fun scenes with Roy, this episode was very lackluster with him for the most part. Now I know that this episode really centered on the dynamic between Oliver/Sara/Laurel, so I can look past not having Roy in it too much, I just really love the character of Roy/Arsenal and I hope we see some bigger scenes involving him this season. Though, his fight scene with Komodo was really awesome.


One thing I thought was really interesting about this episode was how Laurel decided not to tell her Dad about Sara’s death. I was hoping she wouldn’t, simply for the fact that would bring a huge emotional toll on him and most likely cause him to have a heart attack & it’s kind of a call back to last season, when Quentin knew of Sara’s return & didn’t bother telling Laurel about it. One is more major than the other, but it still works out in an eerie “you didn’t tell me about this, so I won’t tell you this happened to her” situation. Also, as much as I love Paul Blackthorne as an actor & know how well he can convey emotion, I don’t think I want to see his reaction anytime soon about Sara’s sudden death or him having a heart attack and possibly dying, definitely don’t want to see that.

Something I didn’t really care for in this episode was the villain in the shape of Komodo. I haven’t read the New 52 Green Arrow comics yet, but I know that’s where he is from, & have heard nothing but great things of him as a villain in the comic. He’s a real adversary for Green Arrow in the comics, and this episode just felt like they made him this one and done character. Sure he was left alive at the end, and ended up not being the guy who killed Sara, but I just think that he was underdeveloped & I’m hoping that maybe he’ll eventually be back in Season three. What I will say about him that is good are the fight scenes he had with Arrow & Arsenal. The dueling Motorcycle scene was unique; I’ve never seen that done before with bow and arrows. The rematch with Arrow & Arsenal was really awesome; it also brought things into perspective as to why Roy’s identity is “Arsenal” and not “Speedy” or “Red Arrow.” He has an arsenal of weapons on his suit, from throwing knives, to escrima sticks, to arrows, to god knows what else. I really cannot wait to see him in more scenes and see what he does have on his suit.

Laurel grieving

This episode didn’t answer the “Who killed Sara” question & I don’t think we’ll get that answer anytime soon. My bet is on Cupid, a character that, in the comics, is super obsessed with Green Arrow & will be brought into the show with the same personality. Another character that I think it could be is The Huntress, but she’s locked up, though she could’ve escaped? Who knows, we’ll probably get the answer close to the mid-season finale.

“Sara” gave us more pages in an ever-growing story while evolving more and more arcs in the likes of Laurel Lance, where I can only hope that by each episode her character grows more & will eventually become the Black Canary we know and love from the comics. Next episode, “Corto Maltese” looks really interesting & I cannot wait to see how much Thea has grown as a character with the return of Merlyn.

Sad & contemplative Arrow

Overall Grade: 9/10


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