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TV Review: Agent Carter – Season 1 Episode 1 & 2

By: Darryl Frisbie

Marvel's Agent Carter

Agent Carter has come and it’s proved to be an entertaining ride. The story opens up to the familiar climax of Captain America where she has her last parting words with Steve Rogers, as he collides into the cold ocean. We see a montage of moments in the movie and then they show her fighting escapades. The general viewing audience probably tuned in because it’s a Marvel spinoff but for me I like any show that is set during a classic era like the 1940’s. This story is set in 1946; the very year my parents were born. I love the stylish cars and cool clothing of that time! There were moments where I was also reminded of other fictional heroic icons of that era like The Rocketeer and The Shadow.

Agent Carter

I want to share my impressions of the premiere rather than just summarize it. The conflict is that Howard Stark is accused of exchanging his weapons illegally overseas, so Agent Carter has made it her mission to prove his innocence. She has a brief encounter with Howard and he assigns Jarvis to assist her. I love the relationship she has with Jarvis. There is such great humor and banter that occurs between the two. So I hope Jarvis will be a recurring character. I also like that Agent Carter takes on different disguises to get information, which is reminiscent of the show Alias. We are soon to discover that she is dealing with major opposition when she diffuses an implosion bomb called nitromene. Unfortunately she is followed back to her apartment and her roommate is killed before she diffuses the bomb. She confronts the assassin and has an intense brawl with him where she eventually throws him out the window. There is time given for her to mourn the loss of her friend. On more than one occasion she laments the loneliness that comes with her line of duty. There is a sad moment when her friend Angie from the diner wants her to be her roommate but Peggy is too plagued with the past and declines her request. This is another friendship that I hope will last because I like Angie ,who is played by the sexy Lyndsy Fonseca. In all honesty, with the gorgeousness of Atwell and Fonseca if they added another actress of their caliber I may just implode like nitromene.

Agent Carter Undercover

The premiere really conveyed the strength and resilience of Agent Carter against the odds she faces. The greatest enemy she confronts is called The Leviathan, who takes great efforts to steal a heavy supply of nitromene but fails when she intervenes. There is more than one intense fight where she ends up the victor but the most memorable is her fist fight with a Leviathan assassin above a moving vehicle filled with nitromene. There is a very amusing moment when there is a radio broadcast of a fabricated Captain America show in which he is saving the damsel in distress while in reality Agent Carter is fighting her battles boldly on her own. And when Agent Carter isn’t saving the world, she is defending the dignity and honor of her friend Angie from the chauvinistic abuses of an ignorant customer by jabbing a fork at his rib. Agent Carter is a fighter in all respects weather against pure evil or the daily grind of dealing with ignorant men. There are many strong and intelligent women in the comic lore and I hope that Agent Carter will be counted among them as not only entertaining storytelling but smart storytelling and this premiere proved it could do both.

Overall Grade 10/10




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