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TV Review: “Arrow” – Season 3 Episode 6: “Guilty”

By: Kyle Shultz

Arrow Season 3 title card

“Guilty” had some of the greatest moments so far this season, but overall I think it was the most lackluster episode as far as focus goes. This episode focused heavily on the relationship between heroes and their partners. This episode was really built upon the cliffhanger from the episode prior, where we witnessed Roy dreaming that he killed Sara; & this episode we saw Roy suffer from this nightmare. Once I saw that sequence, I instantly thought that Roy couldn’t have killed Sara. If you recall the last part of my review from that episode, you’ll see my reasons. Sure, if it were Mirakuru, he would have no justifiable way of thinking, but he was cured of that six months ago. It would be nonsense for him to kill her, he’s cured; there’s no way he would have still have the Mirakuru in his system. If he did, then I fear that Slade might break out of that island prison soon.

Two of the best things that happened in this episode were that we got to see the overall partnership between Roy & Oliver, and we also had Ted Grant getting some heavy screen time. Though, I felt that with this episode focusing both on Roy/Oliver & Ted Grant and his past as a vigilante, things were lost in transition. While I’m still holding out for an episode solely focused around Roy & Ted individually; this episode was nice to have, but Ted’s plot completely overshadowed Roy’s & he’s a bigger character in the show than Ted is. The main conflict in “Guilty” was all about Ted Grant’s former partner killing people, & placing the blame on Ted. Both Ted & his ex-partner Isaac became these temporary “replacements” for Roy/Ollie that it made me think that the writer’s kind of meshed two episodes together, to create this super-plot just so they can relate; and they did, but it felt too jammed as the conflict between Roy & Ted got in the way of each other. One of the GREATEST things I thought I would never see was the Boxing Glove Arrow. Sure it wasn’t technically a gadget, but it still worked. I love how they took something as silly as a boxing glove arrow & made it actually work in the atmosphere of this show.

Taking Aim In Guilty

I love that we finally got to see some back story for Ted Grant. Making him an ex-vigilante was really cool to see, though I wasn’t really sold on it. I know this is the CW, so I didn’t expect them to cast some older guy who was in his 40s/50s to play a seasoned Ted Grant/Wildcat, but I would’ve bought that more than J.R. Ramirez as the character. I’m in no way saying Ramirez is not right for the part, I’m simply stating it would’ve been nice to see a seasoned actor as Wildcat. Something I hope they bring into play is Grant back in the role of a hero. Having Arrow recruiting Wildcat to the team would be really awesome to see, after all Grant is training Laurel how to fight & taking her under his wing as a partner. Though, that’s just me hoping we see Green Arrow, Arsenal, Black Canary, Wildcat, The Flash & Firestorm all fighting crime together, a sort of quasi-Justice League before the Justice League movie even comes out would be amazing to see!

Arsenal. Since Roy was first introduced back in Season One, every fan had two questions: “Will he get his own suit?” & “Will he go by Speedy, Red Arrow, or Arsenal?” While Ollie always called him Speedy in Season Two, I knew it wouldn’t stick. It had to be Red Arrow or Arsenal. Though I felt that “Red Arrow” would kind of be a cop-out seeing how he would have red arrows, & Ollie has green arrows, it seemed too blatant. When you see Roy’s suit, Roy has tons of weapons on him; knives, throwing knives, escrima sticks, arrows, bolts, tons of others that we don’t see; a literal arsenal on his person. Having that actually become his name in this episode was just icing on the cake. The way it was delivered was a nice touch. The moment when Roy took down the bad guy was amazing, simply because I loved the moment Roy & Oliver had after that. In the show, Ollie calls Roy his partner, but the way I see it they’re really brothers. The moment where Roy told Ollie to not abandon him was well executed, that it made me actually feel the emotion Colton Haynes was conveying in that scene.

Wrongfuly accused

Ollie was kind of in a weird position this week. Of all the people in Starling, Ollie is the last person I would expect to criticize Grant over becoming a vigilante and killing someone, accidentally. Ollie killed people left and right back in Season One, so I was a bit surprised when Ollie was shown taking this moral high ground against Ted Grant this week. However I did love that while Roy told him that he thought he killed Sara, Ollie still doubted him. Ollie knew deep down that it couldn’t have been Roy, even with some substantial evidence stacked against him. He eventually helped Roy realizing what actually happened was an interesting turnout. Having Roy become completely overcome with the fact he now remembers that he killed someone, that emotion going through him will be interesting to see play out in the future episodes & see how this affects Team Arrow.

This episode ended with the introduction of Cupid, the character who I thought could’ve killed Sara. Though, now that I think about it, it could’ve been her, but it wasn’t. Her arrows have a heart-shaped broad head & nothing has been mentioned about the overall design of the arrows that killed Sara, other than that we saw that they’re black. As I said before, in the comics, Cupid is super obsessed with Green Arrow & will do anything to get close to him. Just watch this episode closely; she’s even in the background in certain scenes. It would only make sense that she could kill Sara, though I’m feeling maybe she didn’t, though I’m positive it was a female. Huntress? Locked up. Nyssa? Never. Thea? Hmmmmm…maybe, she’s the other person I think could’ve killed Sara.

The Magician

This episode had its highs & its lows. Overall, I wouldn’t say it was the weakest episode of the season so far, but it just lost focus on things here and there. Definitely an enjoyable outing of our hooded heroes, though the writing was just kind of choppy in parts.

Overall Grade: 7/10


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