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Star Trek 3 Boldly Warps Fast & Furiously To A New Release Date With Justin Lin!

By: Adam Basciano


When JJ Abrams left Starfleet Academy to go direct in a galaxy far far away, Paramount began searching for a new director for the third installment.  They gave the job to the writer of the previous two installments, Roberto Orci.  This would have marked Orci’s first time behind the camera.  But as sometimes happens in Hollywood, things went sour, and Roberto Orci was taken off the project as director and writer, though he will remain onboard as a producer.  Paramount has now found the man they want to lead the U.S.S. Enterprise into its next adventure, and that man is Justin Lin (Fast & Furious).  Some fans may be screaming and moaning because; “Not the Fast & Furious” director! He can’t possibly direct a Star Trek film.” Here me out. Granted the first couple of Fast and the Furious films were absolutely horrible.  I hated the franchise. That all changed with the last three films, all of which were directed by Justin Lin. Sure, the inclusion of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson increased my enjoyment of the films. However, under Justin Lin’s direction, the films became stories about a crew of people,  a diverse group of people. A family of sorts coming together to achieve a common goal.  Sure that theme is wrapped in the guise of street racing, but that core theme is one of the themes shared by Star Trek. When helming Trek, Lin will have a more skilled group of actors at his disposal.  Also, having done Fast & the Furious films, he has experience with the action and special effects that will no doubt be needed. And for those judging him on just one franchise of movies, he also produces and has directed “Scorpion”, one of the highest rated, critically acclaimed shows on television. Said show is very character driven, featuring an ensemble cast, kind of like Star Trek!  I’m willing to give him a chance, see what the story for Star Trek 3 involves, and see what Justin Lin’s vision for the film is. The film is scheduled for release on  Live long and prosper.

UPDATE: Speaking of what the story will be, whatever it turns out to be it is being written by Simon Pegg and Doug Jung.  Pegg, has written several films, many under the watchful eye of Edgar Wright. He will also star as Scotty.  Doug Jung meanwhile, has written for television series including “Banshee” and  “Dark Blue” (Source: Deadline) 


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