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TV Review: “Arrow” – Season 3 Episode 7: “Draw Back Your Bow”

By: Kyle Shultz

Arrow Season 3 title card

Throughout this season, so far, I’ve said on more than one occasion that with the inclusion of Carrie Cutter aka Cupid in this universe, it would be pretty awesome if it turned out to be her who killed Sara earlier in the season. Though with watching this episode and realizing that if it was her, they would have addressed how the arrowheads look like spades or hearts, & her character would’ve been known throughout the season rather than just this episode. One thing I really enjoyed was that they actually began this episode with a flashback to last season, during the events of Slade’s attack on Starling, where Arrow unknowingly saved Carrie Cutter. In that moment, Carrie knew what she had to do, fall in love and obsess over Arrow. Her character in the show is actually a pretty close mirror to her comic book counterpart, though in the comics, she’s a bit more psychotic. In the comics she kills Arrow’s villains, just to try to win Arrow’s heart. The moment she knew she was “in love” with Green Arrow, was when he shot her husband & she picked up the arrow that killed him. Why did Green Arrow kill him? Because from his perspective, it seemed like he was abusing her, when in actuality she was actually trying to kill her own husband. Crazy right? Cupid is basically Green Arrow’s version of Harley Quinn, just a bit more dangerous and psychotic.

Making her a cop in this show was nice, though I think just chalking up her psychosis to just a run of the mill mental disorder is kind of lazy, though it’s not like these guys are going to introduce another drug into the show that causes super human strength & damages the human mind, right? One thing that her character proved was how easy it is to track down Team Arrow’s base of operations.  Now she didn’t really go underground, but she found the nightclub, I was hoping that we’d see the crew at a new base this season, since it was addressed last year that Oliver certainly does have another hideout, perhaps next year we will see them hang their hoods somewhere new.

Arrow & Cupid

Ray & Felicity had some interesting scenes this time around, I like seeing these two together, Brandon Routh and Emily Bett Rickards play off of each other really well & this episode had some of the best material for these two. These two are becoming more than just comedic relief as Ray has made his feelings towards Felicity, a lot more clear than how Ollie could have made them. Ray brining Felicity along on a business date helped him in purchasing a mine, which in turn helps him become one step closer to obtaining dwarf star material. Which is extremely pleasing to know that the writers are expecting to do something with him other than being a love interest for Felicity. Introducing dwarf star material & the blueprints for the “A.T.O.M. Exoskeleton” is definitely a nice & welcome tease, and I really cannot wait to see Brandon Routh step into the role of yet another DC hero. It would certainly help Ollie and his crusade out.

As the Ray & Felicity scenes were great, I have to mention the turmoil that Ollie is going through. Ollie states that he doesn’t want to be alone in this world, but this season he really doesn’t even know how he wants to live. After Slade’s attack last season, Ollie has lost so much. He’s in a financial crisis and an emotional one. This season has really been a question of identity for Oliver, as he doesn’t know how to live outside of being Arrow. He has very few ties left to being “Oliver Queen.” He seemingly doesn’t really know what to do with himself. Seeing Oliver go through this emotional turmoil is really awesome to see, though I hope it gets resolved soon.

Ray has a present for Felicity

The flashbacks had some cool stuff, but were a bit underwhelming. The relationship between Oliver & Tatsu continues to build, & while I know very little of the character, I hope we see her in the present day sometime. Having these two team up to hunt for Maseo introduced Tatsu being a badass with her sword, which only makes me think more that I really hope to see her in the present day as her alter ego “Katana,” though I have to say that in the end Maseo turning up fine with no injuries seems kind of suspect & you can’t really help but think that there’s something more than meets the eye with Maseo.

Even though this was definitely a fun episode, one of the weakest and most random moments was the random DJ that came into the show during Thea’s scenes. I really hope this character, whoever he is, does not come back. I don’t really see a point for this character, at all. If he does come back, hopefully there’s more to him than just a love interest for Thea. Another weak point was that Roy was really underused in this episode; even Cupid got the drop on him. Hopefully Roy gets some better screen time here soon, I feel like the writers don’t know what to do with Roy. “Draw Back Your Bow” was a nice little break from the main plot that offered a fun new villainous in Cupid & some new struggles in Ollie’s emotional woes and Ray & Felicity’s dynamic continues to grow, as does Ray’s urge to be more of a hero, in a much smaller amount.

Overall Grade: 8/10


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