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Gareth Edwards Star Wars Spinoff Testing For Female Lead!

By: Adam Basciano

tatiana-maslany    Rooney Mara

Remember when the cast announcement for Star Wars: Episode VII: The Force Awakens came down? A segment of female fandom complained about the lack of women in the cast list. Of course this complaint was premature, and the film has since added several actresses to the fold. We know that in between each new episode, fans can look forward to stand alone Star Wars spinoffs.  The first will be released in 2016, and be directed by Gareth Edwards.  While no official word has been given as to the title or story of this film, it is rumored that it will focus on a group of bounty hunters hired by the Rebels to steal the plans of the first Death Star. This film is currently screen testing actresses for the female lead. “Sources tell The Hollywood Reporter that Tatiana Maslany, the Canadian actress who stars as multiple replicants in BBC America’s hit series Orphan Black, is testing for the female lead. Rooney Mara, who starred in the David Fincher version of Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, is also due to test this week.  Additionally Felicity Jones, who just received an Oscar nomination for best actress for her work in The Theory of Everything, is said to be on the want list, although there may be scheduling issues with Inferno, the Da Vinci Code sequel that Ron Howard is due to direct this spring and summer.” The other actress said to be in the mix is Kate Mara, star of the upcoming reboot of The Fantastic Four.

Felicity-Jones   kate-mara

(Source: The Hollywood Reporter, Variety)

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