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Roster of Heroes For TNT’s “Titans” Revealed!

By: Adam Basciano

Nightwing and Oracle

What we know of TNT’s upcoming live action Teen Titans adaptation, is that Akiva Goldman is producing and co-writing it. Geoff Johns has taken to social media to inform fans that Nightwing will make his live action debut on the series, and the pilot episode will shoot early this year.  That’s pretty much it, until now.  Nightwing will indeed appear. “Dick Grayson is actually Robin in this iteration (at least at the start), but has left working alongside the Batman. Now a young adult, he is working as a detective in Boston.”  Another one of Batman’s associates is joining the team, Barbara Gordon. “Although never a member of any incarnation of the Teen Titans in the comics, she did have a long-standing romantic relationship with Dick Grayson, which makes her inclusion here make sense. In this version, she was once known as Batgirl, but now finds herself in a wheelchair. She’s the team’s resident computer hacker, reflecting the character’s time as Oracle in the comic.” Personally, I like these additions. Nightwing definitely needs his time to shine in live action, and the “Oracle” portion of Barbara Gordon’s history is fascinating. Great character drama could occur here.


Next on the role call is Hawk and Dove, specifically the Hank Hall and Dawn Granger versions of the characters.  ‘Hawk and Dove are set to be a romantic pairing. Also expect these two to have the biggest change from their classic comic book looks.” For me, these two characters work well in ensemble books, but in their own series, it was terrible. As long as they’re not drawn by Rob Liefeld, I’m open for anything.  The final two members of the team are Starfire and Raven.  “Raven is an empath as well as a teleporter, Raven always had to keep her emotions in check, or else she could accidentally unleash her demonic side. In the Geoff Johns’ run of Teen Titans in the early 2000s, he gave her the name Rachel Roth, which is how she is referred to in this pilot script.” Meanwhile, Starfire “is the alien princess Koriand’r from the planet Tamaran. She appears “at the very end of the episode, but considering her romance with Dick Grayson in the comics was a big part of it, expect some kind of love triangle with Nightwing and Barbara Gordon should the series go forward.”  Along with Nightwing, Raven and Starfire are two of my favourite characters in Teen Titans lore, so I’m happy that they made the cut.  Hopefully, casting announcements will be made shortly.

Raven & Starfire

(Source: Nerdist)


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