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TV Review: “Agent Carter” – Season 1 Episode 4: “The Blitzkrieg Button”

By: Darryl Frisbie

Marvel's Agent Carter

Howard Stark returns to New York City and the plot unravels with more than one twist. He is smuggled back by a bunch crooks that are ultimately ambushed by Agent Carter and they tail Jarvis for money. Mr. Mink wants to collect the bounty and kills his men with an advanced automatic revolver and he continues hot on the trail for Peggy. Stark hides out at Carter’s apartment and assigns her to retrieve a weapon, called the Blitzkrieg Button, which could cause a city-wide power outage.

Meanwhile, Agent Dooley uncovers a lead on the two Leviathan agents who inexplicably died in the battle of Fennel. His suspect is a Nazi, named Mueller, who he interrogates and finds out there was no battle but a complete massacre which tore men apart. Back in the States, Sousa tries to retrieve finger prints from a public phone used by the anonymous caller that eventually led to the assassination of Krzeminski. He has better luck when he notices two homeless men by the bay and one turns out to be his witness. I was eager to see Sousa be more aggressive and I wasn’t let down in this episode.

Agent Carter & Howard Stark

Before Peggy retrieves the Blitzkrieg Button, she is tipped off by Jarvis to flip the switch. She goes with her instincts despite Stark’s warning and flips the switch. The sphere opens and within it is a vial of blood, Steve Roger’s blood! When Stark reveals to her what’s in the vial she becomes infuriated. She is enraged with emotions because of this betrayal. The acting is convincing and the plot becomes more engaging in this regard. Stark tells her that Steve Rogers’s blood could potentially heal diseases, illnesses, and the common cold. This is a very pivotal moment but it’s not the only twist to this episode. When Mink tries to sneak his way into Peggy’s apartment, he is stopped by her neighbor, Dottie Underwood. Initially I thought she would be an innocent bystander who would be killed. NOPE! She identifies the gun he carries and then wam bam; she goes Black Widow on his butt! Flipping around him and snapping his neck. I did not see that coming! So the question is; who is she?  Is she a Leviathan Agent? Perhaps she works for Hydra? Either way, I am incredibly intrigued. The show concludes with Agent Dooley noticing the keys being punched on Leviathan’s mysterious typewriter.

I loved the plot twists and the return of Howard Stark was refreshing. I hope Stark can be a permanent character that will see more often. His amazing intellect, along with his humor and levity will make the show more interesting. Plus it was just funny seeing him fool around with all the women in Peggy’s apartment complex. All I could think of was the phrase; like father, like son. It was also a nice surprise to see Stan Lee, the living legend, grace the screen. The momentum of this episode was slow at first but it quickly gained traction. All I can say is; I’m hooked and ready for the next episode!

Overall Grade: 9/10


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