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TV Review: GOTHAM – Season 1 Episode 14: “The Fearsome Dr. Crane”

By: Darryl Frisbie


A man plunges down from the top of a skyscraper and hanged by the rope. The victim was a man apart of group therapy for those with phobias.  We also later discover that he was afraid of heights and who else would exploit the fears of others but Dr. Crane himself. This is not the doctor we’re familiar with but the father of Jonathan who would eventually become the Scarecrow. Gordon and Bullock go to the Narrows where another victim is surrounded by pigs and a butcher, ready to hack away before he is shot. Bullock and his boss think the case is closed but Gordon is not convinced they killed the right man. There is further intrigue because each victim had a small incision in their body. Nygma wants to examine the body because he is compulsive about solving these riddles. He is informed by the head department that he is forensics and not responsible for examining the body. But Edward is too stubborn and proceeds to get evidence before he is caught and suspended. Edward goes to Kringle to return a small pencil stub that he borrowed and this only makes Nygma more quirky and endearing but not for long. Thus far Edward has not done anything that would be described as sadistic until this episode and it’s unfortunate because I was beginning to like him. He resorts to cutting up the cadaver and putting the remains in the coroner’s locker. The coroner is caught and framed with the ligaments and is fired. Edward gets his job back and his potential to flirt with Kringle resumes.

Maroni & Penguin have a chat

Meanwhile Gordon turns to Thompkins for assistance on the case. She is dressed beautifully assuming that their dinner was a date. I hope Jim dumps Barbra because Thompkins is a keeper. They don’t have to follow parts of the comic canon right? Harvey in the meantime gets help from a sponsor of this therapy group only to end up having her captured by Dr. Crane. He attempts to drown her in a pool before being caught and escaping. The sponsor is saved and Thompkins reveals to Gordon that the adrenal glands were removed from Dr. Crane’s victims. We are left in suspense until next week.

Gordon & Dr. Thompkins

The other engaging subplot to this episode is the repressed suspicion of Maroni finding out Penguin is working for Falcone. Maroni is tipped off by Fish Mooney and he decides to take Oswald to a secluded cabin away from the city. They have a casual meal before Maroni interrogates Penguin. This was quite an intense and gripping moment because we’ve been informed by the creator of the show that mainstream villains aren’t exempt from being killed off. Penguin sneaks a gun in his pocket. In this scene the two square off in playing a game of trading secrets. It starts off simple by Oswald saying he hated the meal and then Maroni inevitably says Fish told him that he was working for Falcone. Penguin pulls the gun from his pocket and points it at Maroni. I was so tense at this moment and Penguin pulled the trigger and the gun went off and I assumed Maroni was dead but they were blanks. Oswald is sent to be executed under a machine that crushes cars. He begs and pleads but Maroni is done with his crap and rightfully so. The only resource Penguin has is his phone and he sees the junk yard sign displaying the contact number. He calls it and threatens the machine operator that he works for Falcone. His plan works and he escapes from the crushed car. I hope that more episodes have the same kind of suspense as this one and the same intrigue as Penguin’s Umbrella from a few episodes ago. One of the best of this season!

Overall Grade: 10/10


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