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Independence Day Sequel Writers Set To Walk Through The Stargate For Reboot!

By: Adam Basciano


Stargate was a 1994 sci-fi film that starred Kurt Russell and James Spader.  That one film spawned a host of TV series that starred the likes of Richard Dean Anderson and soon to be Aquaman, Jason Momoa. The general premise of Stargate “told of the discovery of a circular device that creates a wormhole allowing for scientists and military person to a distant world, where they discover an enslaved people who are descendants from ancient Egyptians.” As the three live action television series and the animated series proved, that initial premise can lead to endless possibilities.  Which is why MGM & Warner Brothers aren’t stopping with one film. “Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Pictures and Warner Bros. Pictures, together with Roland Emmerich and Dean Devlin, are partnering to launch a new feature film trilogy that reimagines the 1994 film Stargate. The announcement was made today by Gary Barber, MGM’s Chairman and CEO. Emmerich, who directed and co-wrote the original film with Devlin, is confirmed to direct and Devlin will produce.” This trilogy will need to be written of course and for the first installment, the director and studio have turned to new, but familiar faces. Writers Nicholas Wight and James A Woods have been brought onboard to write the screenplay.  “The duo are relatively new writers and they recently worked with Emmerich writing on Fox’s Independence Day 2, with the studio greenlighting the movie off their draft. Emmerich warmed up to Wright and Woods when his Centropolis Entertainment banner picked up a secret action thriller from the duo.” I loved the first Independence Day. I don’t know that there is a purpose for a second one, especially without Will Smith. However, these two must have written a solid script if Emmerich gave them the job to write Stargate.

(Sources: MGM/Warner Brothers, The Hollywood Reporter)

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