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TV Review: GOTHAM – Season 1 Episode 15: “The Scarecrow”

By: Darryl Frisbie


Gotham is perfecting the time we spend with each character. There is good fortune for Gordon as he progresses in his relationship with Leslie Thompkins. They’ve been on a few dates and she tells him that she is the new doctor for the GCPD. The chemistry is great and there is a moment when there is a debate about public kissing on the job. I love Morena Baccarin in this role and she is beyond gorgeous. I just hope her character will be Gordon’s permanent love interest. Did I mention I can’t stand Barbra?

The central conflict in this episode is that Dr. Crane is still on the loose. They discover the reason he is extracting the adrenal glands from his victims is because he is developing a formula that will eradicate his own fears and the fears of his son.  One of Dr. Crane’s fears is the loss of his wife, who was killed in a fire. So despite how twisted this character is, he still nonetheless tragic.

Jonathan Crane scared of a Scarecrow

Meanwhile, Penguin is starting his new club with Falcone’s permission. And Falcone wants the entire club refurnished and purged of anything affiliated with Fish Mooney. This comes full circle for Oswald because in the comics he actually owns a public club. Falcone squares a deal with Maroni by stoking the fire of his revenge for Penguin and replacing it with a judge that put Maroni’s men in prison. He sees him being tortured and is satisfied with Falcone’s deal.

Penguin decides to give a personal invitation of his club to Gordon. He arrives at the GCPD but Gordon’s presence is vacant and instead he is stalked by Edward Nygma. The confrontation between Nygma and Oswald is completely and utterly brilliant. They banter back and forth and of course Nygma shares another riddle despite Penguin’s impatient look. Then Nygma tells him about how penguins waddle over their eggs and I just started busting up laughing. We will surely see them cross paths again when they mature into Batman’s villains.


Bruce lets Alfred know that he is setting out into the woods and commemorating the walks he took with his father. He talks about being with his dad as they would witness together the sunset and the sunrise. Bruce does cherish his solitude but that does not last when he spring’s his leg. Alfred ultimately comes to his rescue and waits patiently by a bonfire. They sit close together as they watch the sunrise. It’s a very touching and poignant moment between Bruce and Alfred. Probably the most sincere moment in the show.

Gordon and Bullock eventually find Dr. Crane in a mad frenzy in which they are forced to gun him down. His son is injected with the formula and he is terrorized by the hallucinations of the scarecrow lurking above him. They take the son into custody and while he lays in his hospital bed the scarecrow continues to haunt him.

Alfred & Bruce watch sunrise

The heart of the episode was between Bruce and Alfred. The fanboy side of me was geeking out when Penguin and Riddler met. And I relished seeing the scarecrow visualized on the show for the first time. Gotham is moving forward with confidence and I’m counting down the time until we see the maniacal and twisted Joker!!!

Overall Grade: 10/10


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