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TV Review: Agent Carter – Season 1 Episode 6: “A Sin To Err”

By: Darryl Frisbie

Marvel's Agent Carter

Leviathan gets cold and ruthless in these next couple episodes which were shocking and tragic. The beginning of this episode we see the terrorist group recruiting and one of them is Ivchenko. He is a doctor and engineer who supposedly comes to SSR as a defect ready to reveal Leviathan’s secrets. Agent Carter tries to have him divulge about the possibility of female agents working for Leviathan but he denies the claim. During this time Dr. Ivchenko gets close to Chief Dooley and uncovers his personal life. He confesses to the Doctor of his marital problems and how he misses his family. This show has perfected the character development and we gain considerable empathy for Dooley. He is unfortunately seduced and hypnotized by this Doctor.

Carter has an epiphany that Stark was compromised by one of his mistresses and that this woman may work for Leviathan. Carter and Jarvis go to a jewelry store that Stark was a frequent customer of and uncover a list of women that were clients. In a humorous sequence they go door to door meeting each of Stark’s women. They express how bitter and angry they are by slapping poor Jarvis and even kicking him in the shins. Meanwhile, Sousa has a prisoner identify a photo of agent Carter which proves his suspicions about her.


Back at Dooley’s office, Ivchenko continues to preoccupy him on his family and shares his excitement about the large skyscrapers of the city. He looks out the window to gaze at the tall buildings and Dooley is comfortable enough to let him open the window to look outside. It’s in this moment that Ivchenko communicates with Dottie Underwood who is perched on the opposite building. Through Morse code he sends a message to her that Agent Carter must be killed.

Meanwhile, Agent Carter is now a prime suspect in working with Stark. The SSR tries to corner her at a café but she beats the living daylight out of all the men. She manages to escape to her apartment where she retrieves Steve Roger’s blood but she is soon subdued by Dottie (aka Leviathan agent). SSR comes just in time to apprehend her before Dottie attempts to kill her. She is taken and before the interrogation begins the episode ends. The suspense builds up so well in this storyline. I always have this premonition that the show will lag at some point but I’m wrong every time. They’ve done so well writing these characters that you’re invested in what happens to them. This was a very intense episode but the next one will shock you and in my case nearly left me in tears.

Window escape

Overall Grade: 10/10


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