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New “Daredevil” Trailer + Is Captain Kirk The New Green Lantern!?

By: Adam Basciano

As of this writing, Netflix’s “Daredevil” series is exactly one month away from premiering.  To ignite fanboy flames of excitement, Marvel and Netflix have released a new full length trailer for the series.  This trailer highlights the Kingpin’s motivations and his conflict with Daredevil.  I know it’s early, but Vincent D’Onofrio might very well be the perfect Kingpin.  In the little we’ve seen of him, he has such a commanding presence.  We also get to see more of Charlie Cox as Matt Murdock doing his lawyer thing.  The fight scenes are expanded upon, and continue to be appropriately brutal, and brutal in the most awesome way.  We get flashbacks featuring young Matt being trained by “Stick” and brief snippets of Karen Paige and Foggy Nelson for good measure.  I’ve said several times that I am more excited for “Daredevil”, then I am for “Avengers: Age of Ultron”, and this trailer only solidified that statement. Speaking of the Avengers, there is a clever reference to both Iron Man and Thor, that confirms Daredevil’s place in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Green Lantern - Chris Pine

Over in the DC Universe, the reveal of the Jason Momoa Aquaman image debuted the “Unite the Seven” tagline. Assuming the “Seven” being referred to is the Justice League, then we already know 6 of the 7.  The only one left to reveal is Green Lantern.  We’ve been assuming that John Stewart would be the Green Lantern used for the “Justice League” films. According to Latino-Review super scooper El-Mayimbe, that assumption may be wrong. “HOT RUMOR! GREEN LANTERN UPDATE! The name I keep hearing & floating around, is Chris Pine for Hal Jordan. Yes, Captain Kirk. Again, this is still just a RUMOR hence UNCONFIRMED. Been hunting this one for a while so the search is still ongoing.” Captain Kirk as the new Hal Jordan in the DC Cinematic Universe!? If true Chris Pine would be perfect for the role in my opinion.  Yes, he’s already in Star Trek, but actors in multiple big budget franchises is becoming ever more common. Also, he was up for the role before it ultimately went to Ryan Reynolds in the 2011 film.

(Sources: Netflix/Marvel, Umberto “El-Mayimbe” Gonzalez)


One comment on “New “Daredevil” Trailer + Is Captain Kirk The New Green Lantern!?

  1. I would totally be down for Pine as Hal. We’ve seen how he reacts to non emotional people with Spock and I can see those scenes transferred to him with the guardians. I can also picture him getting into shenanigans, getting into fights with big bruisers and showing the world the true meaning of courage. I don’t know why I’ve never connected Kirk and Hal’s similarities before.


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