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Jubilee Joins The X-Men + Deadshot & Amanda Waller Details In Suicide Squad!

By: Adam Basciano


Being completely honest, I have no feelings towards the character of Jubilee one way or the other.  However, she does have her fans, and they will be happy to learn that the character will be appearing in X-Men: Apocalypse. Bryan Singer took to social media to announce the news, that newcomer Lana Condor has been cast in the role.

 Will Smith - Deadshot

In much cooler news, super scooper Umberto Gonzalez is back with updates about “Suicide Squad”, specifically Deadshot and Amanda Waller.  First up is the look of Will Smith’s Deadshot. “He has the traditional face mask with the target eye although changed to show his lower face. Dark red coloring with black. A molded bullet proof vest & he has guns on his wrists although he has a sniper rifle in most of his pieces.” Meanwhile Amanda Waller, as played by Viola Davis will have an interesting trinket in her possession that belongs to a specific Justice League member. “Sources tell me in the lower levels of the prison where AMANDA WALLER keeps all the SUPER POWERED META HUMANS, she has inside a trophy case –  AQUAMAN‘s TRIDENT as seen in the recently released still with Jason Momoa!” An interesting connection to “Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice” for sure.  I think the back to back releases of “Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice” followed by “Suicide Squad” is going to put me in the superhero movie equivalent of a food coma in 2016!

Amanda Waller

(Sources: Bryan Singer, Umberto Gonzalez)


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