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First Look At Ryan Reynolds In Full Deadpool Costume + Details On the Look of Boomerang In Suicide Squad!

By: Adam Basciano

Deadpool Official

A while back Ryan Reynolds gave us our first look at his Deadpool mask for the upcoming film.  Even though the image was black and while, it looked extremely faithful to the comic books.  Ryan Reynolds has once again taken to social media, this time revealing himself in the complete costume, in all its red in black glory.  In terms of faithfulness to the comic books, it is SPOT ON! It’s right up there with Christopher Reeve’s Superman costume as far as being faithful to the source material. The image itself also captures the tongue in cheek humor of the character. I am officially more excited for Deadpool then I am X-Men: Apocalypse at this point.

Jai Courtney - Boomerang split screen

Moving over to Suicide Squad, one of the more ridiculous looking villains in comic books is Captain Boomerang.  There is absolutely no way his original costume can be 100% translated on to film without being laughable. So what will he look like? According to Umberto Gonzalez; “Boomerang is very rock n roll & they’re experimenting with a series of looks for him. Very hard rock influenced. Example, he wears a pantera shirt with his prison uniform plus the trademark beanie.” Hopefully we’ll get official looks at the cast in character once filming begins in 2 and a half weeks in Toronto.

(Sources: Ryan Reynolds, Umberto Gonzalez)


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