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TV Review: Arrow – Season 3 Episode 11: “Midnight City”

By: Kyle Shultz

Arrow Season 3 title card

One of the biggest things to take away from this episode is that Laurel Lance had her first big break as Black Canary, & her introduction may have been in the episode prior; but I see this episode as her real debut. One thing I absolutely loved about Laurel becoming this character is that it’s not easy for her, she gets hit and she falls down; when she is running around jumping off of buildings, and tries to land, she doesn’t exactly stick her landings. Laurel has this fire in her & it shows when she is fighting; she can take a punch now & nearly dish it out. I really cannot wait to see how much of a badass she is when she’s a full-fledged hero. I love that the writers are actually letting us see her evolution into this character & they’re including that while she may have a couple of classes in boxing under her belt, that’s not enough. Roy & Diggle’s reaction was one thing, I’m curious to know what would Ollie do or say when he finds out. Obviously he will have this strong sense of disapproval, though I think he’ll mainly feel obligated to help her. After all, Ollie knows Laurel better than anyone & he knows she’s stubborn enough to not back down just because Ollie told her to.

Even though Roy has been in every episode this season as Arsenal, he hasn’t really had any time to shine in his role, until the recent stint of episodes. I love that Roy felt that even though Laurel has little to no experience in this field, there was still a need for help to take down Brick & his men. I’m enjoying how Brick is being handled in this show, he continues to be a really well written character & isn’t just some one and done character that we can already see being killed off by episodes end. With Vinnie Jones in this role, he really helps sell the character. Another character that is having a nice evolution in the recent episodes is Ray Palmer, with each episode he becomes a little more interesting & goes a little more towards the identity of The Atom. When he finally steps out in his costume, which looks amazing, I’ll be happy; I just want to see what that suit can do.

Arsenal & Black Canary

With Ollie’s absence, each member of the supporting cast has had their time to evolve and shine. Everyone except Diggle, it seems with Ollie gone, Diggle still doesn’t really do much. Roy grew more into a leadership role & confronted Malcolm Merlyn in protection of Thea, & she stood her ground and convinces her Dad to stay in Starling and have the balls to face Ra’s Al Ghul when he finally arrives. Something that surprised me was that pointless DJ that “had” a thing for Thea turns out to be an informant for the League, with that being a thing, it shows that Ra’s has his hands in Starling & the League is for sure a better villain for this season & gives a bigger presence than Deathstroke and the Mirakuru soldiers ever did. As for Ollie, his scenes with Tatsu & Maseo in the present day were welcomed. I’m just curious to know what happened to Tatsu & Maseo to make them how they are now. Why is Maseo in the League of Assassins? Why does Tatsu seem like she’s a reclusive hermit? What was it that drove them apart exactly? Their son obviously isn’t in the present day, so maybe he died or the League has something on them? Seeing these character’s in both past & present and how different they are really makes me wonder what the hell happened. Whatever the reason is, it’s clear that even though these two have made their debut this season, they’re definitely characters that are deeply involved on the show.

“Midnight City” gave us another episode with Ollie’s disappearance and shows us that even with our Emerald clad archer gone, things certainly haven’t slowed down in Starling City. Each member of the supporting cast had their time to shine & Vinnie Jones’ Brick is definitely one of the most memorable villains this show has ever had. With Laurel’s debut as Black Canary, & Brick’s reign in The Glades, this turned out to be a pretty exciting episode.

Overall Grade: 9/10


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