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TV Review: The Flash – Season 1 Episode 11: “The Sound and The Fury”

By: Kyle Shultz


I’ve never been that big of a fan of Pied Piper, though when he was announced to exist in this universe, I was constantly thinking of how they’d bring him in. He’s a very goofy character in the comics, and you don’t really think he could be sold as a character in this show, unless they revamp his costume and his hypnotic flute. Giving him this large hoodie & sonic abilities was a nice touch, though I was expecting his costume to look a bit better. Even though his appearance & ability slightly changed, his struggles with his wealthy parents and his overall genius were still intact. I enjoyed how they tied his origin to the Particle Accelerator exploding & the STAR Labs. I never really had a clue of how he’d be introduced in this show, so having him included as a former member who was affected by the Particle Accelerator exploding offered for some wonderful drama. The flashbacks showed us that Hartley was Wells’ favorite back then, though now Hartley sees that Wells’ new favorite is Barry; he’d obviously become jealous over the fact that he has been replaced. Although in the end, I didn’t really feel any sympathy for this character. Anytime we saw Hartley in a scene, he was always a jerk; he’d always mistreat an employee or someone. We heard quite a bit about his troubled past growing up the gay son of rich old-fashioned American family, I wanted to see some of the hardships he faced. I wanted to see what made him become this @$$hole type of character, & then maybe I would’ve felt some sympathy for this character. Perhaps in future episodes, we will see him grow more.

I have to say though; this episode had the greatest build up to a fight, but the worst overall fight. Each episode has had some really cool & well-shot fights. This one on the other hand, just had Barry zipping around saving people from chaos & then he’d yank Pied Piper’s gloves off. Pied Piper also handled Barry pretty easily, which was another thing that kind had me questioning the fighting in this episode. How does a team up with Captain Cold & Heat Wave have a problem in fighting The Flash, but a guy who seemed to have basically just started his criminal career path take The Flash out like nothing? It was definitely a real disappointing and weak point in this episode for me, especially after how last episode fight was.

The Pied Piper

One character that really stole the show in this episode was Harrison Wells, finally after all this time; we got to see him move back the veil on his life so to speak. As far as characters go, Wells is the most intriguing of the bunch on the show. Wells opening up that he knew the Particle Accelerator could potentially blow up & risk everyone’s lives was something out of left field. Even though we have no clue what exactly is driving Wells or what his endgame is, we saw him at his best & his most human in this episode. I thought that was a great development for the character. Caitlin and Cisco both lost a little faith in Wells’ opening up, Caitlin lost more than anyone & her reaction was certainly there & on point. In doing this, Wells nearly lost his team & that weighed heavily on him; you could see that he has a real genuine affection for his friends. In being a Wells-heavy episode, this adventure also brought in the fact that Wells could indeed be the Reverse-Flash, what with him running around his apartment & him plotting in that mysterious closet of his. It seems though that his speed abilities might be artificially induced, or he could just be using that tachyon device as a way to bring back his speed powers. Either way, other than Wells growing as a character, another thing that continues to grow is Joe’s conspiracy of not trusting Wells. Which is bringing Eddie Thawne at the forefront of investigating Wells, which means that Eddie will eventually discover his true intentions or maybe accidentally discover that Barry is The Flash, which will bring about some interesting screen time.

As this episode began, we saw The Flash chasing after two members of the Royal Flush Gang, which soon became three. I don’t know if I just wasn’t paying attention, but having that third member appear out of no where was kind of disappointing. It was a nice little pseudo Arrow “crossover”, but the fact that two members suddenly became three really bothered me. Maybe there were originally three & during editing, it just got lost. Damn the time constraints. I do have to say, I would love to see the Royal Flush Gang back in either Arrow or The Flash, that is a fun group of characters & I enjoyed the episode they had in Arrow back in Season One.

Harrison Wells - press conference

“The Sound and The Fury” gave us our first look at the Pied Piper, and while I think he could have been better developed, he was still an interesting character. Harrison Wells showed some humanity and almost lost his friends trust, & the rivalry between Joe & Wells continues to grow. One thing is for certain; we are getting closer and closer to finding out Wells true intentions, whatever they are.

Overall Grade: 8/10


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