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The Lego Movie Directors To Build The Story For Warner Brothers Film Version Of The Flash!

By: Adam Basciano

Flash smile

A film version of The Flash is on the books at Warner Brothers. All we know up to this point is that Ezra Miller will play a version of The Flash, likely either Barry Allen, or Wally West. We also know that the character will appear in the two-part Justice League film, and also feature in a stand alone film. Much like a Lego set, the studio is putting the pieces together behind the scenes, as they continue getting the solo film up to speed. ” Phil Lord and Christopher Miller have come on board the studio’s superhero movie “The Flash,” multiple individuals familiar with the project have told The Wrap. Lord and Miller will write a treatment to flesh out the story, though they have not signed on to direct yet.” If all goes well, they’ll most likely write the full script and likely direct the film as well.  Though, their services are also being courted by Sony, who want them to work on the male lead spinoff to the all female Ghostbusters reboot.  As much as I love the Ghostbusters, they can call somebody else! Having worked on The Lego Movie, Phil Lord and Christopher Miller have had experience with the DC Comics superheroes.  They can blend comedy, and action seamlessly, which is needed for the character of The Flash.  Apparently, these traits are also exhibited in the 22 Jump Street films, but I have yet to watch them, because I think Channing Tatum is a horrendous actor. But maybe I’ll bite the bullet and watch those two films, as several friends have recommended them. I look forward to seeing what this writing/directing dynamic duo comes up with for The Fastest Man Alive.

(Source: The Wrap)


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