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Power Rangers Reboot Enlists Project Almanac Director + WB Hopes Aquaman Will Swim Fast & Furiously Under James Wan’s Direction!

By: Adam Basciano

Green Ranger

Since the announcement of the reboot of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers reboot and the hiring of writers, not much has been said about the film. Now it appears the film appears to be close to finding a director to lead the Power Rangers into action. “Project Almanac” filmmaker Dean Israelite is in negotiations to direct the “Power Rangers” movie for Lionsgate and Saban Brands, TheWrap has learned. Israelite is an up-and-coming filmmaker who is a huge fan of the franchise and aims to bring a fresh voice to the property. He has been courted for several tentpoles around Hollywood since but he has turned them all down while waiting for the right one.” I’ve never seen “Project Almanac”, but it seems that Dean Israelite wants to make this film. He’s apparently a very passionate about the property and the fact that he is a fan, instills me with confidence.

Momoa Aquaman Swim

The Flash solo film hired writers/potential directors last night, and now Warner Brothers has their eye on a filmmaker to lead Jasom Momoa into the seas for his first stand alone film as Aquaman.. “James Wan could go from racing on the streets to riding the currents of the ocean blue.The director, hot off the smash opening of his Furious 7 ($392 million worldwide, but who’s counting?), is the frontrunner to direct Aquaman, Warner Bros.’ water-borne superhero movie centering on the classic DC Entertainment character, sources tell The Hollywood Reporter. Wan has no offer at this stage but he is the studio’s choice and some preliminary talks have taken place.”  The source notes that Universal’s option for the director to return to the franchise could be problematic in regards to Aquaman, but also indicated that Mr. Wan does not necessarily want to return to that franchise. The director has his roots in the horror genre with smaller budgets. Furious 7 is undoubtedly the most expensive film he’s made to date, and his most profitable as well. His experience in both the big and small budget worlds could serve him well on a project like Aquaman.

(Sources: The Wrap, The Hollywood Reporter)


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