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Ant-Man Trailer 2

By: Adam Basciano

Ant Man Close Up

Marvel Studio’s has released the second trailer for this summers upcoming Ant-Man feature film. This second trailer is longer, gives you even more of a sense of the story, but amps up the action and visual effects. Yes, there is plenty of shrinkage in this trailer.  On the plus side, I’m starting to buy Paul Rudd in this role.  He just seems to fit this character. Also,,,,Evangeline Lilly. Absolutely love her. Put her in anything, and I will watch. This movie is clearly a superhero heist film. And that’s something we’ve never really seen yet. I like both genre’s which is a plus. The only heist movie I didn’t like was Ocean’s 11….But that’s all George Clooney’s fault.  Anyway, back to Ant-Man. The trailer showcases his powers, which includes shrinkage. In the trailer is said that the power comes from his suit, and when he shrinks down he’s as strong as a bullet. Does this only apply to when he shrinks?, If so, that really doesn’t make sense If you were to take an ant, and enlarge it in size, it would still have its strength, would it not? Regarding the visual effects, the shrinking looked good.  Yellowjacket looks like a cool villain, and the fighting between the two pint-sized versions of our hero and villain actually looked pretty great, Especially the model train set sequence. I also enjoyed how silly the film realizes the concept of Ant-Man sounds and plays on that fact for some comedic relief in the trailer.  My two issues with the trailer, are that I can’t shake the “Honey I Shrunk the Kids” meets superheroes vibe this project gives me. Also, Michael Douglas, as great as he is, came off as wooden, or as if he was “phoning it in” with his dialogue and performance in the trailer. I will definitely give this a chance and see it when it hits theaters. As for how successful this will be? Marvel Studio’s can basically print money at this point, so I’m sure it’ll be a success at the box-office.


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