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TV Review: The Flash – Season 1 Episode 12 – “Crazy For You”

By: Kyle Shultz


Since episode three we’ve been seeing this story behind Ronnie Raymond little by little, unfold. “Crazy For You” was the first episode this season that focused mainly on Ronnie Raymond and his evolution into Firestorm. In this episode, we saw the return of Hartley Rathaway & I loved that this episode helped expand Rathaway’s role as a villain. Rathaway’s convincing Cisco to let him out in order to help Cisco find what happened to Ronnie Raymond was something I didn’t expect, honestly I didn’t expect a Rathaway to come back this quickly, but it was certainly nice to see Andy Mientus come back and give us more to his character. His interactions with Cisco are some of the best scenes in the past two episodes; I was really impressed to see Cisco actually go toe-to-toe with Rathaway. That’s something I definitely did not see coming, and his little remark about Rathaway not being the only one who understands vibrations was a nice nod to his future role as the superhero “Vibe.”

Something Cisco didn’t get to do this time around was name the villain of the week, Caitlin Snow had her hands on it this time, and honestly I thought the name was a joke. After watching this episode, I did some research because I didn’t know who the character was, if she was new or old, & the fact that her name is “Peak-a-Boo” made me chuckle. Peak-a-Boo was definitely a fun villain for this episode, & brought The Flash a character that in a way is faster than him. Something I found out in the comics was that her character actually teleports instantly when she is touched, making her completely isolated to the world, which would’ve been really interesting to see that in the show, that aspect would have made for some great moments between her and The Flash. The final “fight” between the two wasn’t the best, but I have to say it wasn’t exactly the worst, just lackluster.

 The Flash - Iris meets Linda

Even though the most interesting stuff came from the expanding backstory involving Firestorm, the most entertaining stuff came from Barry & Caitlin’s misadventures. Danielle Panabaker in this show is perfect, any scene she is in is quirky and fun, so I really enjoyed seeing her have more screen time with Barry. Seeing her and Barry bond over their troubled relationships & loneliness made for some quality light hearted entertainment. I never thought we would have an episode of this show with Barry Allen singing, but we did; and I was certainly impressed with his singing ability. I always knew he could sing since Grant Gustin was in Glee, but I’ve never actually watched that show, so I never knew how well he could sing. It was wonderful to see these two go from Scientist/Patient to nearly close friends who can relate to each other on a personal level. It seems there might be some building romance between the two, & with Ronnie Raymond still alive & becoming Firestorm; it will be interesting to see where it goes when he comes back as a more recurring character rather than a special guest.

One really welcome surprise in this episode was how much screen time John Wesley Shipp had. Shipp & Gustin shared some great dialogue & some of the most emotional stuff in the show to date. Seeing the former Barry Allen give the current Barry Allen some wise hero advice definitely reminded me of Smallville’s scenes when Tom Welling shared screen time with Christopher Reeve & certainly felt like a solid passing of the torch moment. Seeing that Shipp’s character basically knows his son is The Flash, but won’t exactly come out and say it was a nice touch. I think that Gustin’s Barry Allen would feel that it would take a toll on his father & he would most likely disapprove, though if their conversation were any indication; he doesn’t disapprove, but just wants his son to be careful.

 The Flash Vs Peek A Boo

Barry Allen finding some love in the form of Linda Park was a nice touch to him and Caitlin’s fun karaoke night. I remember back in Season Two of Arrow when Barry Allen came in, during the news report about the Particle Accelerator, we actually saw Linda Park, granted it was a different actress who played her in that episode; I’m curious to see if they’ll try to spin it that the two are related or the first one was just originally a little Easter egg. Either way, it always intrigues me when they have to replace actors in the long term of a show. This episode ended on probably one of the biggest teases ever, and that is one of The Flash’s greatest foes in Gorilla Grodd. When he’s introduced, it’s clear he has gained some intellect by the fact that he can actually spell his own name, now we just have to wait for the episode where he actually talks & fights The Flash; which will bring forth some great choreography.

“Crazy For You” brought us some evolution in Firestorm’s overall story & gave us a villain that I had no clue that was actually a real villain from the comics. Caitlin & Barry got to let loose & Barry seemingly found some love in the process. Seeing Cisco actually being able to handle his own was a nice turn of events, & ending this episode on the appearance of Gorilla Grodd was a pleasant bow on a pretty enjoyable episode.

Overall Grade: 9/10


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