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WB Hires “Monster” Director To Helm Wonder Woman!

By: Adam Basciano

The 2011 Entertainment Weekly And Women In Film Pre-Emmy Party Sponsored By L'Oreal

Well, all the fan worrying was unnecessary as Warner Brothers has found a director for Wonder Woman. “Patty Jenkins, who at one point was to direct Thor 2 for rival Marvel Studios, has closed a deal to helm Warner Bros.’ female superhero movie. Selecting Jenkins helps Warners avoid what some saw as a gender bias against women directors helming superhero tentpoles. Ironically, Jenkins would have been the first female director on a Marvel movie if she had continued on Thor 2. She will now become the first female director to handle a big project in Warner’s developing DC universe” Patty Jenkins directed “Monster”, which one Charlize Theron her OSCAR, before, the director then went on to direct, “The Killing” pilot for AMC. Another director of immense quality joins the DC Cinematic Universe. I wonder if she’ll adopt Jason Momoa’s mantra of F**K Marvel since they fired her from Thor: The Dark World. Expect more news on Wonder Woman soon.

(Source: The Hollywood Reporter)


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