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Batman V Superman Character Posters + New Fantastic Four Trailer!

By: Adam Basciano

batman-v-superman-imax-poster_bat_png_zps8ywuim6c  superman-batman-poster_superman_png_zpspu2br5ix

First came the Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice Teaser Trailer, and now comes two character posters featuring the two heroes. While nothing beats the excitement of that teaser trailer, I am really digging these posters. Each character gets his own poster, but the other characters logo looks to be ripping through the poster obstructing the central hero on the specific poster. As if each hero is struggling to grab the viewers attention. Are the posters mirroring their competing ideologies in the film that lead them to physical confrontation? Maybe, or maybe I’m reading way to much into two posters. Either way they’re both incredibly cool.

Meanwhile, 20th Century Fox released a nearly 3 minute long trailer for their relaunch of Fantastic Four.  Honestly, I don’t know why this film is getting so much hate on the internet? I thought the trailer was great. We got a quick summation of the origin, we saw their powers on display, and we got a sense of the tone! What I like that this trailer stresses, is the “science & exploration aspect of these characters.  That was simply glossed over in the previous iteration of this franchise, in favor of humor and cheesiness. Now I realize that there are elements of humor and cheesiness to these characters, but the Tim Story directed films went overboard on both counts.  In addition to science and exploration, the film will definitely focus on the theme of family if the trailer is any indication.  The visual effects, and visualization of the teams powers looked great. And the CGI/Motion Capture take on The Thing looked, well…fantastic! The inter-dimensional travel stuff is very much Ultimate Fantastic Four, a run of the comic books I absolutely loved.

(Sources: Warner Brothers, 20th Century Fox)


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