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Batman Poster In Color + James Wan Is Directing Aquaman + Spider-Man Front Runner!

By: Adam Basciano


Remember that poster of Ben Affleck as Batman, with the Superman logo covering his face?  Well, here’s the image that inspired it…IN FULL COLOUR! Add this to the evidence in support of my belief that Ben Affleck is the Batman we deserve, and the one we need right now! WOW….That’s not Ben Affleck anymore….That there is Batman ladies and gentlemen! In other DC Cinematic Universe news, according to Jeff Sneider of The Wrap, director James Wan is no longer in talks to direct the Aquaman film. Why? Well because, “James Wan is going to direct AQUAMAN after CONJURING 2, from what I hear. Warner Bros. ain’t waiting. Sony will have to wait until, like, 2019.”


Moving over to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, where the search for a new Spider-Man is apparently down to one front-runner. “So who is the front-runner? Asa Butterfield Leads the Bunch. We have reached out to Asa’s reps who have given us a “no comment.”  We have also reached out other industry sources who have confirmed that he is indeed the front runner including one who believed that he already had bagged the role, by stating: “Marvel had liked him since day one.” I’d just like to reaffirm that Asa Butterfield, is who I’d choose, so color me excited if true. Also, the actor is 18 years old and would actually be playing a teenager. This would mark the first time the Spider-Man franchise did not suffer from Welling-itis. Welling-itis refers to an actor in his late 20’s to early 30’s playing a 15 year old. The term was inspired by actor Tom Welling who began playing a 15 year old Clark Kent on Smallville at the age of 25.

(Sources: JPosters, Jeff Sneider, Latino-Review)


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