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First Look At Casey Jones In TMNT 2 + Set Photo of Will Smith as Floyd Lawton In Suicide Squad!

By: Adam Basciano

Casey Jones - TMNT2

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2 is currently filming, and after some spy set pictures found their way online, producer Michael Bay has decided to release the first official picture of Stephen Amell as Casey Jones, complete with mask and hockey stick. I like the look. Some fans are disgruntled that the actor doesn’t have long hair…WHO CARES!? Having seen Arrow, I have complete confidence that Stephen Amell will absolutely be able to embody the spirit of the character.  Megan Fox is also on set as April O’Neil.  In the picture, her character is wearing a schoolgirl uniform.  I’m just going to post that here because, that image of Megan Fox usually only appears in my dreams! 😉 🙂

Celebrity Sightings In New York City - April 30, 2015

Speaking of on-set imagery, Suicide Squad is filming in Toronto and as a result we have our first look at Will Smith as Floyd Lawton. I wrote Floyd Lawton because I believe that this is his civilian look, and not his Deadshot costume. The look that the former Fresh Prince is sporting looks similar to the characters appearance in both Batman: Arkham Knight and “Smallville.”



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