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First Look Photo: The Suicide Squad!

By: Adam BascianoHarley Quinn x3Late last night, David Ayer released a full cast photo of the Suicide Squad in costume, sans Amanda Waller and The Joker.  First let me start with Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn…First off Margot Robbie is beautiful. Secondly, holy hell does she look perfect as Harley Quinn.  Her look is an amalgamation of the characters appearance in current comic books, and the Arkham City video games. I love that she has the word “puddin” tattooed on her left thigh. Also, her shirt saying “Daddy’s little Monster” and her jacket saying “Property of the Joker”, are all great references to the characters relationship to Mr. J. The second character I’d like to specifically point out is Will Smith as Deadshot. That’s quite a faithful and practical rendition of the character, complete with eye lens.  Sure, it may technically be on the wrong side, but who cares about a detail so trivial.

Will Smith - Deadshot

As for the rest of the team; Katana is spot on. Heck I didn’t even expect her to be in the film, so it’s a surprise all the way around. Killer Croc looks great, with artist Lee Bermejo chiming in that the character is his rendition brought to life, right down to the teeth. Captain Boomerang doesn’t look corny, which as a win as far as I’m concerned, because his character looks ridiculous in the comic books. Rick Flagg looks like a standard military personnel, which is how I expected him to look.  As for El, Diablo, Enchantress, and Slipknot, I don’t know much about them, nor do they feature prominently in the source material. Their look does nothing for me one way or the other, and I doubt they will survive the entire film.

Suicide Squad - First look

(Source: David Ayer)


One comment on “First Look Photo: The Suicide Squad!

  1. Margot. Robbie. Casts. As. Harley Quinn/Fanstatic!
    Enjoying. All. I. Tead. Read!!!


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