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TV Review: GOTHAM – Season 1 Episode 18: “Everyone Has A Cobblepot”

By: Darryl Frisbie


We begin where the last one ended, with Alfred lying in his hospital bed but this time he is more self-aware and can speak. Gordon insists on knowing if Alfred knew who his attempted murderer was but Alfred withholds that information from him. Bruce is confused and asks Alfred why he didn’t confess and then he replies, “You don’t set coppers on your mate.” And he tells him that he will confront Payne but Bruce demands that he stay in bed.

We cut to Fish in her hospital bed where she meets Dr. Dulmacher for the first time. He tells her that he admires her confidence and panache. She bargains with him to get people from the basement so he can use their body parts for his sick experiments. She later discovers that she has no way of escape because she is located on an island.

gotham - dollmaker

The central conflict of this episode is Commissioner Loeb releasing the corrupt detective Flass with an eyewitness confession from Harvey Bullock. Gordon is enraged with Bullock but he tells him that Loeb blackmailed him with the murder of a mobster. He tells him his hands were just as filthy as when Gordon pulled the trigger on Penguin. Gordon turns to Harvey Dent for help in exposing Loeb as a fraud. He figures that the Commissioner has blackmailed a plethora of people including businessmen and politicians.

They first try to get a squeeze on Loeb’s old partner which leaves them with one dead end after another until Bullock threatens to bash his face against the pavement which compels Loeb’s partner to confess. They find out this whole conspiracy is tied to Falcone and the only person they can turn to is the maniacal Penguin. Oswald intends to help Gordon, if he gets his own share of the reward. So they go to a secluded farm where Loeb’s supposed secret files are hidden. They meet a docile and kind elderly couple that resides at this house. They tell them that they are inspectors for Loeb in ensuring the best security. The elderly woman, Marge, is very suspicious of them and when given the chance reaches for her shotgun. There is a full on shootout but no harm is done except Marge is left unconscious. They go to the attic to discover a frazzled haired young woman named Miriam. She lives up there with her paraphernalia of bone necklaces and a framed picture of her mother. She is the daughter of Commissioner Loeb and happens to be his dirty little secret. She is a tragic woman who is mentally disturbed. She ultimately confesses that she murdered her mother and this is why Loeb has kept her secluded and safe from Arkham Asylum. Gordon confronts the Commissioner and lets him know his daughter will remain a secret if under his conditions, Bullock’s records are returned to him and Flass is not released from his charges. He gets him to agree to this and returns Harvey’s confidential files. Bullock warns Jim that someday Penguin’s going to come asking for that favor and to be careful. The old saying- the ends justify the means. It seems that Gordon’s Achilles heel is Penguin and the only way to purge corruption will be by Batman’s hands alone.

Gotham - Penguin Under the gun

Overall Grade 10/10


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