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Captain Kirk Loves Wonder Woman + Transformers Shared Universe Nabs Ant-Man Writers!

By: Adam Basciano

Chris Pine - Steve Trevor

A few months back, rumors indicated that Chris Pine was being looked at to play Green Lantern Hal Jordan in the DC Cinematic Universe. It turns out he will be in the DCCU, but not as Green Lantern. “Wonder Woman is about to get hot and heavy with Chris Pine.  Sources tell Variety the “Star Trek” actor is in negotiations to join Gal Gadot in the upcoming superhero pic for Warner Bros. Pine would play Gadot’s love interest Steve Trevor in the origin story. Warner Bros. had no comment. For those who don’t know much about Wonder Woman lore; “In the comics, Steve Trevor was an intelligence officer in the United States Army during World War II whose plane crashed on Paradise Island, the isolated homeland of the Amazons. He was nursed back to health by the Amazon princess Diana, who fell in love with him and followed him when he returned to the outside world. There she became Wonder Woman (and also his co-worker, Diana Prince.” It makes logical sense to surround a relative unknown like Gal Gadot with a more known and experienced commodity.like Chris Pine. He has a great look for the character, has experience in the SciFi genre, and is a quality actor. I chalk this up in the good call column for DC Entertainment and Warner Brothers.


The Transformers movies are headed into shared universe territory. For some of you, the thought of Michael Bay being involve is scary. For me, it’s the fact that Akiva (Wrote “Batman & Robin”) Goldsman is involved. Regardless, the positives are that there are a plethora of other writers involved working on various scripts. “Andrew Barrer & Gabriel Ferrari, who spent half a year doing the production rewriting on Marvel’s Ant-Man, have become the latest to join the writers room that Paramount Pictures and director Michael Bay have organized to hatch sequels, prequels and spinoffs on their billion-dollar Transformers franchise. I’m hearing that one of the ideas in the works has a working title of Transformers One and that it is more or less an origins story that takes place on Cybertron, the planet where the good-guy and bad-guy robots hail from. Those talks originated with rights holder Hasbro. I’ve also heard that this might be an animated feature.” Wait, a prequel film entirely set on Cybertron actually sounds like a cool idea, be it animated or live action. Other writers part of this “Transformers Consortium” include,  “Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman, Iron Man scribes Art Marcum & Matt Holloway, Pacific Rim 2‘s Zak Penn and Amazing Spider-Man 2 and Lost‘s Jeff Pinkner” There’s some real talent in this writers room. Call me crazy, but I’m hopeful for the future of the Transformers franchise.

(Sources: Variety, Deadline)


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