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Is The CW Planning For “Hawkgirl” To Spread Her Wings In Her Own Solo Series!?

By Adam Basciano

Hawkgirl in flight

The trailer for DC’s “Legends of Tomorrow” was fantastic, and received rave reviews from the fan community. Evidently, the executives are so thrilled by what they’re seeing from the upcoming series, that they are in discussion to give one of the superhero team members their own show.  “SpoilerTV has learned that The CW is planning a separate Hawkgirl TV series starring Ciara Renée. The project is currently in very early stages of development. If The CW decides to move forward with it, it will most likely bypass the pilot stage and get a straight to series order. It is unclear if the series will be set before or after the events of The CW’s upcoming TV series Legends of Tomorrow, which also stars Ciara Renée.”  Well this is certainly intriguing and unexpected.  Though with the characters back story from the comic book being so rich, I can see the potential and why this makes sense. Seriously though, can we just start referring to The CW as The DC Entertainment Network and call it a day!?


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