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Green Lantern Corps Set To Light Up Movie Screens In Reboot + Ben Affleck’s “The Batman” Goes Solo in 2018!?

By: Adam Basciano

Hal & John

One of the films scheduled on Warner Brothers DC Comics film slate is a Green Lantern reboot. Since learning this. fans have wondered which Green Lantern would headline the film. Rumors have gone back and forth between Hal Jordan and John Stewart, but who will it be.  A new report indicates that it will be both! “We’re hearing  possibly two or all three—Jordan, Stewart, and Gardner—could be the leads of Warner Bros’ Green Lantern reboot. “The plan is just to focus on these two or three human Green Lanterns, and there’s a real possibility that Warner Bros. will introduce the Green Lanterns at Comic-Con this year at their panel in Hall H on Saturday.  And if WB does bring on multiple Green Lanterns, then presumably one or more of them will pop up in Justice League.” The site goes on to say that potential sequels to the Green Lantern film would focus on different Corps members. This is a genius idea. The lack of presence of more members of the Green Lantern Corps was a disappointment of the most recent Green Lantern film. So if WB does announce the two Green Lantern’s at San Diego Comic Con, which actors could they potentially bring on stage? “It looks like WB was Khaning us JJ Abrams style with the rumor that Chris Pine was in negotiations to play Princess Diana’s love interest Steve Trevor in Wonder Woman. Pine was rumored to be a candidate for Hal Jordan way back when we realized Ryan Reynolds would never float in a green suit again, and the rumors of Pine circling Wonder Woman were actually Pine closing in on the role of Hal Jordan.” As for John Stewart, “Tyrese is part of the Fast and Furious franchise cast, which gives him heat in the “look at our star-studded Justice League” category.” If all this is indeed announced at Comic Con, it’s no wonder Marvel Studio’s put their tail between their legs and ran away from comic con.

Batman costume in Batcave - BvS

If you’ll remember, Warner Brothers also said to expect more stand alone Batman and Superman films in addition to their announced slate of films. With regards to Batman; “the Ben Affleck project Latino-Review previous reported is still a go, aiming for November 2018 now. Chris Terrio, who has writing credits on Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice and has been announced as a writer for both Justice League films will write the movie for Ben Affleck to direct himself in. It’s still called The Batman, and it still sounds like it could be amazing.” If this is all true, heck even if half of all this information ends up being confirmed, then the good times are going to be rolling for DC Comics fans for years to come!

(Sources: Collider, Latino Review)


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