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Entertainment Weekly Reveals Batman V Superman Details!

By: Adam Basciano


A week before San Diego Comic Con, the newest issue of Entertainment Weekly is previewing Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. Before looking ahead, Zack Snyder discusses the controversial ending to Man of Steel. “There are other superhero movies where they joke about how basically no one’s getting hurt,. That’s not us. What is that message? That’s it’s okay that there’s this massive destruction with zero consequence for anyone? That’s what Watchmen was about in a lot of ways too. There was a scene, that scene where Dan and Laurie get mugged. They beat up the criminals. I was like the first guy, I want to show his arm get broken. I want a compound fracture. I don’t want it to be clean. I want you to go, ‘Oh my God, I guess you’re right. If you just beat up a guy in an alley he’s not going to just be lying on the ground. It’s going to be messy.” I agree with Zack Snyder completely here. If you want live action superhero movies, that never show consequences to the superhero on Supervillain violence, and if you want live action superhero movies to end like a Saturday morning cartoon, go watch every single Marvel Cinematic Universe movie, you’ll find plenty of that there. New Batman, Ben Affleck agrees with his directors choice, and indicates that Bruce Wayne was affected by the events in Man of Steel. “One of the things I liked was Zack’s idea of showing accountability and the consequences of violence and seeing that there are real people in those buildings,” he revealed. “And in fact, one of those buildings was Bruce Wayne’s building so he knew people who died in that Black Zero event.” Now we have some obvious context as for why the two heroes are at odds in the upcoming film.

Batman and the signal

As for how Batman made his way into what was originally a sequel to 2013’s Superman film? Zack Snyder recounts that moment; “I said, ‘What about at the end of the movie we do a scene where there’s a crate full of kryptonite delivered to Wayne Manor. Everyone was like…‘Okaay.’ Once you say it out loud it’s a problem because you can’t unsay it.” Regarding The Dark Knight’s state of mind during Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, Affleck indicates; “He’s on the verge of being swallowed up by the anger and the rage that we see haunt this character in the other manifestations of it, but this guy is further down the line and has become more embittered and cynical.” Apparently during this time, Wayne Manor has gone to the dumps and gotten all decrepit and is decaying. My question is, What the hell has Alfred been doing to let Bruce’s house get in such disarray? If I was Bruce Wayne, I’d fire his ass! 😉

BvS - Bruce & Diana

Bruce Wayne/Batman isn’t the only superhero joining Superman on screen.  This film will mark the debut of Diana Prince/Wonder Woman, played by actress Gal Gadot.  Director Zack Snyder reveals that her role is more then just a cameo. “ She plays a super-important part, in a lot of ways, she’s the gateway drug to 
the rest of the 
Justice League. I knew [the role] was big and it was for one of the franchises. He said, ‘Well, I don’t know how big she is in Israel…’ and my jaw just dropped. There are so many expectations for this character, it’s impossible not to
 be a little nervous about it.”  Looks as the the queen of super-heroines is going to make a big splash on movie screens in March of 2016.

(Source: Entertainment Weekly)


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