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Rachel McAdams Books Appointment With Dr. Strange + Superman Still Set To Fly Solo!

By: Adam Basciano

doctor_strange_rachel_mcadams-800x371The Notebook made me cry….because it bored me to tears.  So I was pleased when fellow Canadian, actress Rachel McAdams joined Season 2 of True Detective. While  her performance was good, the season was a bit underwhelming.  Now, the lovely and talented actress is set to join the superhero movie genre.  “Rachel McAdams will star in Marvel’s “Doctor Strange” opposite Benedict Cumberbatch, the actress told TheWrap Monday.” There is currently no word on who the actress will play, but with production getting under way soon, we should know shortly. I for one am looking forward to what Doctor Strange will bring to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Man-of-Steel-HD-WallpaperOver at DC, Superman fans have been in a bit of a freak out mode as of late, because of a rumor that hit the internet, indicating that a sequel to Man of Steel had been permanently put on hold. It sounded like a load of crap when I first read it, and it turns out, the story was in fact bullshit. The ever reliable Umberto Gonzalez offers the latest information he has; “George Miller simply hasn’t decided yet what to do next, but if he wants the Man Of Steel sequel it’s his. Get this, Warner brass also put Dark Universe on the table now that Guillermo Del Toro has left the project. There are those who feel DC’s band of misfits that make up Justice League Dark is right up George Miller’s alley.” While a George Miller Justice League: Dark Universe film would be cool, after reading  the script for the defunct Justice League: Mortal, I definitely would prefer the director take on a Superman film.  Whoever directs, who may face-off against Superman when the time comes? “Last but not least what bad guy could we see go up against Superman in the standalone film? That is being worked out as well but from what I am being told, it would be the cinematic introduction of Brainiac.” That would be great. I’ve wanted to see Braniac on the big screen. He’s a great villain. While we may have to wait until 2019/2020 for the sequel, Henry Cavill will soar as Superman in 3 more films between now and then. Add Man of Steel to the list, and by then Henry Cavill will have tied Christopher Reeve for most appearances as Superman in a feature film, and eventually surpass him.

(Sources: TheWrap, Heroic Hollywood)

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