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More Man of Steel Sequel Rumors!

By: Adam Basciano

sm_logoSuper Scooper El-Mayimbe is back with more Superman sequel discussion. After indicating that Braniac  would likely be the villain, he now adds to his original report, indicating that Braniac won’t be alone. “I found out what Brainiac is after. Remember in Man of Steel how Superman had the genetic codex of the entire Kryptonian race that General Zod was after? Well, it looks like Brainiac would be after the same thing. However, he is not trying to retrieve the codex from Superman. You see folks there was another Kryptonian survivor. KARA ZOR-EL.” If you remember all the way back to 2013, you’ll remember that DC Comics released a prequel comic book that was 100% entirely focused on Superman’s cousin from Krypton. “The prequel comic told Kara’s story as she nears completion of her training. She intended to become a member of Krypton’s ‘Explorers Guild’; citizens tasked with searching the cosmos for suitable planets, and triggering terraforming projects to make them inhabitable to Kryptonians. The idea has always been the sequel will introduce Supergirl and will focus on her as much as on Superman himself. In fact, this is what supposedly got George Miller’s attention in the first place. He is attracted to strong female protagonists as shown in Mad Max: Fury Road by its co-star Charlize Theron as Furiosa.”

9652d79b99d91d60bc03c81b8d6b689eSome people use the upcoming Supergirl television series to discredit this rumor.  Yes, it’s true that WB are preventing Arrow from using The Suicide Squad on TV any more because of the upcoming movie, however WB has no problem with The Flash appearing on The CW as well as in the Justice League movies. WB also had no problems with Smallville running on television, while Superman Returns was boring audiences everywhere on the big screen.  So I don’t buy that a television series, excludes Supergirl from appearing in the DC Extended Universe. Back to the sequel rumor. While Superman may be joined by a super-powered relative, Braniac could likewise have some assistance. ” Brainiac wants the codex from Kara and get this, from the bits of Kryptonian knowledge Brainiac does have creates Bizarro! Brainiac creates Bizarro and sends the creature after Kara to retrieve the codex for him. Pretty cool right? This basic plotline is supposedly what Zack Snyder and David Goyer pitched to Warner brass after Man Of Steel was done as a sequel idea.”

Bizarro_52ab94a953d5b4.45219154Meanwhile, there are those who continue to proliferate that asinine idea that a sequel to Man of Steel has been shelved. Instead, thinking some of these ideas have been absorbed and merged into Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice and the upcoming Justice League films. That could very well be true, Braniac could show up in one of the two part Justice League films, instead of a Man of Steel sequel. Since two sources I trust, Umberto Gonzalez, and Mark Hughes believe a Man of Steel sequel is on the cards, I do as well. There’s also the fact that Warner Brothers themselves indicated that another Superman stand alone film was on the way. I think its a safe beat that  Braniac will appear at some point in the DC Extended Universe.

(Source: Heroic Hollywood)



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