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Creator Of The Flash & Arrow TV Series To Direct Booster Gold/Blue Beetle Film For WB!

By: Adam Basciano

Greg-Berlanti-Flash-Supergirl-PhotoI didn’t expect this, but if Ant-Man can get a movie, why not Booster Gold and Blue Beetle!? “Booster Gold and Blue Beetle, two DC Comics superheros that have long been rumored to appear in either an upcoming film or TV show, are now being groomed for a team-up feature from Warner Bros. Sources exclusive to The Tracking Board can now confirm that , the force behind the successful DC comics TV series Arrow and The Flash, will be heavily involved with this one, set to direct and executive produce. will also executive produce, while will oversee for the studio. In a massively different approach from Warner’s current slate, the film will team the two heroes together in what’s being pitched as a superhero buddy cop movie. Comedy is the emphasis here, which is a stark contrast to the other titles in DC’s Cinematic Universe, breaking the mold of the uber serious and grounded Man of Steel and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.” Hear that? Comedy in the DC Extended Universe.  So much for that stupid “no jokes” policy at DC rumor.

booster-gold-blue-beetleI can’t think of anyone better than Greg Berlanti at the helm of this film.  Especially when you consider the tone of The Flash and Supergirl television series. Meanwhile, Heroic Hollywood chimes in with who the studio wants to write the script. “According to my sources, screenwriter Zak Penn is being eyed to write the screenplay for Berlanti.” Zak Penn is no stranger to comic book adaptations, having written The Incredible Hulk and the original story for The Avengers for Marvel. For those unfamiliar with the characters; “Booster Gold, AKA Michael Jon Carter, was a football hero and celebrity in the 25th Century who became publicly disgraced after he was caught gambling on his own games. With his reputation tarnished, Carter stole super-powered relics from the past and traveled back in time, with the plan to become a famous superhero. Though he began cocky, Booster eventually became a real hero.” Meanwhile, “tech-genius Ted Kord took a job working for his Uncle Jarvis, whom he eventually discovers is a mad scientist, bent on conquering the world with an army of androids. In order to try and stop this, he goes to one of his professors, the original Blue Beetle Dan Garret, and asks for his help. Jarvis and Dan die in the ensuing battle, but not before Garret reveals his identity to him and makes Ted promise to carry on his legacy. Without Garret’s superpowers, Kord uses his many inventions to carry on the Blue Beetle name and fight crime.” I love this idea, because it adds even more variety to the DC Extended Universe.  This film, and Shazam, can be tonally different from the likes of Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, and Suicide Squad.  As I’ve always thought, the more DC Entertainment adaptations, the better.

(Sources: The Tracking Board, Heroic Hollywood)


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