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HBO Watches The Watchmen + Power Rangers Screen Testing Begins!

By: Adam Basciano


Zack Snyder is the boss behind the DC Extended Universe.  All the news focuses on his upcoming Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice and his eventual directing of the Justice League films. Lest we forget that he directed the film adaptation of one of the most critically acclaimed graphic novels of all time. This graphic novel  was often described as “unfilmable” Yet, Zack Snyder did just that. The film I’m speaking of is 2006’s “Watchmen.” While the film didn’t light the box office on fire, it was critically well received.  With the exception of the ending, which needed to be changed, the film remains one of the most faithful comic book adaptations.  It was beautifully shot, and I really liked it.  Now it seems Watchmen may get revisited on television. “HBO is in early talks with Zack Snyder to develop a “Watchmen” television series, based on the superhero comic book series from DC Comics, Variety has confirmed with the network. Snyder directed the 2009 film adaptation of Watchmen. Preliminary discussions regarding ‘Watchmen’ have occurred but we have no additional information and no deals are in place,” HBO said in a statement Thursday.” The thought is that HBO is looking for something like this to replace “Game of Thrones”, once it’s done its run.  Potentially, the Watchmen series could be a retelling of the story told in the film. I could see a twelve episode series covering each issue of the comic book.  If they want something with a little more potential longevity, the prequel comic books, “Before Watchmen” could be adapted. Before Watchmen was a story  that was told in several mini-series focusing on the core characters before the event of the main Watchmen story from 1986. While I loved the film, the Watchmen story could be better served on a premium cable network like HBO. With so little information to go on, the clichéd wait and see approach is all we can really do at this point.

power rangers covers

Skewing much lighter then Watchmen, the Power Rangers reboot is preparing to start casting the film. “Sources tell Variety the studio is about to begin testing young talent, looking at up-and-coming actors and actresses to make up the team. Sources say Daniel Zovatto (“It Follows”), Ross Butler (“Chasing Life”) and Brian “Sene” Marc are among those testing for Zack (aka the Black Ranger), while KJ Apa (“Shortland Street”), Austin Butler (“The Shannara Chronicles”) and Mitchell Hope (“The Descendants”) are testing for Jason (aka the Red Ranger).Sources also say Naomi Scott (“The Martian”) and newcomer Stephanie Scott are up for the role of Kimberley (aka the Pink Ranger). Insiders say the studio is looking for fresh faces to fill out the team and will probably look for a big name to play the antagonist for the films, though no offers have been made for that part.” While these names may be familiar to some, they’re absolutely new to me.  Which is fine of course, as most superhero films do just as this article suggests, cast the leads with unknowns, and fill the supporting roles with more established stars.  The original Power Rangers series was a big part of my child hood.  I still have a limited edition black and gold Megazord on display in my den. So I’m hoping for a good film.  The reboot of the franchise will be directed by Dean Israelite for a January 13, 2017 release date.

(Source: Variety)


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