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Naomi Scott Has The Hart Of The Pink Ranger!

By: Adam Basciano

Naomi Scott

A mere few days, after Variety named a list of actors screen testing for the Power Rangers reboot, we now have our first casting announcement.  Power Rangers social media accounts reveal that; “It’s official! Naomi Scott will play the Pink Ranger in the Power Rangers Movie!  Coming in 2017…” I have only seen Naomi Scott’s work in the short lived TV series “Terra Nova.” Looking through her IMDB page, she is listed as being in The Martian, which is getting rave reviews, and is currently in theaters. The actress is also a singer, much like the original actress to play the role of Kimberly Hart/Pink Ranger, Amy Jo Johnson. Amy Jo was 23 years old when she first played the role back in 1993 on the TV series. Naomi Watts will be 23 when she begins filming for the role. Whatever happened to the days, when the actress playing the Pink Ranger was older than me, and I had a crush on her? When did I suddenly become older than the actors and actors and actresses playing the Power Rangers? I don’t know if I like this growing up thing. My aging conundrum aside, I’d imagine we’ll hear more casting announcements soon, so stay tuned for the latest news regarding the highly anticipated reboot!

Pink Ranger drawing


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