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Black Canary To Debut In A Justice League Film Before Leading The Way In Birds of Prey!?

By: Adam Basciano


The best female superhero of them all, Wonder Woman, will be getting her own stand alone movie, which is currently filming. If reports are to be believed, Warner Brothers will be bringing more Girl Power into the DC Extended Universe. According to Latino Review, the studio wants to introduce the character of Black Canary in one of the two Justice League films, and then springboard her into a Birds of Prey team up film, which is said to be in  development.

Alona Tal

Currently, actress Katie Cassidy plays the role of Dinah “Laurel” Lance/Black Canary on TV’s “Arrow”, but since WB/DC don’t force cross pollinate the tv/film world like Marvel does, the role would be played by someone else in the films. The site indicates that two actresses are currently in contention for the role.  Both Abbey Lee (Mad Max: Fury Road) and Alona Tal (Burn Notice, Supernatural) are the top two contenders for the part. I don’t know much about either actress, but they are definitely both stunningly beautiful and look the part.

Birds of Prey

Now, as for that Birds of Prey film, let’s not forget that Jenna Malone is part of the Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice cast.  Many have speculated that she is playing Barbara Gordon. Those up on their Batman history know, that Barbara Gordon was once Batgirl, before being shot, and permanently paralized by The Joker. Wheelchair bound, Barbara Gordon uses her computer genius as one of the founding members of the Birds of Prey. She is joined by The Huntress and Black Canary.  Batman played by Ben Affleck and The Joker played by Jared Leto, have exsisted for some time in the DCEU. We know that Leto’s Joker has indeed killed a Robin prior to the events to Batman V Superman.  So, it is entirely possible That Jenna Malone is playing the paralyzed Barbara Gordon, which would further set up “Birds of Prey.” Also, in the comics. Black Canary is trained by Batman. The Huntress also has ties to The Dark Knight. This would give Warner Brothers even more opportunity to have Batman appear in even more DCEU films. And we know how WB likes to sheake their money maker that is Batman.

(Source: Latino Review)


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