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Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice Trailer 3!

By: Adam Basciano

I don’t watch Jimmy Kimmel often, but when I do, it’s because he’s premiering a brand new trailer for a superhero film.  Last night, the talk show host had Ben Affleck on the show, to debut a brand new trailer for the hotly anticipated “Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. Overall, I absolutey LOVED what I saw. I thought it was genius to start the trailer with the first meeting of Clark Kent and Bruce Wayne. Having the two state their position on each others alter ego, further articulated the conflict of ideals between our two heroes.  There are some new scenes, mixed in with some previously viewed visuals of the Battle Royale between DC Comics’ two heroic heavyweights.  The more I see of Ben Affleck as Bruce Wayne/Batman, the more I’m positive he’s going to nail this role.

Clark Meets Bruce trailer

The trailer confirmed a long standing rumor to be true, Doomsday is a villain in this film.  And he is a genetic experiment by Lex Luthor, using General Zod’s dead corpse and DNA.  While, surely they are still working on the visual effects for the film, I think Doomsday looks good so far.  In fact, he’s very reminiscent of the Doomsday’s featured in the Superman: Batman: Supergirl story line by Jeph Loeb and Michael Turner.  My other favourite part, was seeing Wonder Woman….Damn, she knows how to make an entrance. The way she deflected that blast with her shield, was sheer awesomeness.  I love how the marketing of this film has positioned her as an equal to Batman and Superman. Technically, she saved both their asses in that scene from the trailer, so her importance is even more paramount. But everything from the magazine covers to this trailer, Wonder Woman is always seen as beside Batman and Superman, never behind. Simple positioning is important, because it highlights that she is a peer of theirs, and in no way less then important from Batman or Superman. I love that the filmmakers are able to shine the spotlight on Wonder Woman, without detracting from the films titular characters.  I have a feeling, Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman will be a scene stealer.

Doomsday trailer pic

The one aspect of this trailer I wasn’t particularly fond of was Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor. The scene at the party when he confronts Bruce Wayne and Clark Kent, was way too over the top. I personally think that comes down to his choice of line delivery.  He came off a more Edward Nygma circa 1995, then Lex Luthor. What makes it weird, is that his performance seems erratic all over the place in this trailer. I really like what he did in the scene with Amy Adams as Lois Lane. A friend of mine suggested that maybe Eisenberg’s over the top, eccentric line delivery is part of a persona or disguise the character puts on for public consumption, a la Clark Kent and Bruce Wayne. I hope this is the case, and I’m willing to give Eisenberg a chance, because he is a solid actor.

Trinity - trailer shot 2

With slightly over 3 months away, this trailer only served to amplify my excitement for this film.  I’ll be watching this trailer on a loop until March 25th 2016, when we can finally see The Son of Krypton, V The Bat of Gotham, with the Princess of  Themyscira and Doomsday too!

(Source: Warner Brothers)



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