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Final Poster & Trailer For Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice!

By: Adam Basciano


There is only about a month and a half left until Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice hits theaters. With that, Warner Brothers has released the IMAX poster for the film, as well as the final theatrical trailer, which will play in front of Deadpool this weekend. The poster is the best “face off” style poster for the film. Superman’s intensity and the city in the background just make this a winner! As for the trailer, it is a mix of previously seen footage, mixed with new scenes. Don’t worry, it doesn’t spoil anything. As for the new footage, it shows us just how involved Alfred is with the Batman persona.  Speaking of Batman, we see him take down a group of criminals, and it’s absolutely glorious. Batman is swift, forceful, and brutal in his fighting style! The best part is, we can actually see him fighting, and his movement is ripped right out of the comic books. Everyone knows how much love I have for The Dark Knight Trilogy, but Batman’s fighting style was atrocious in those films. THIS, is how Batman should fight. Wonder Woman finally speaks, and I’m so glad that Gal Gadot kept her accent! Remember, Wonder Woman isn’t American, she’s from Themyscira, and is of Ancient Greek/Godly descent. I believe Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman is going to steal this movie! As of this writing, the film is 42 days away from release, and it can’t come fast enough!



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