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Doctor Strange Teaser Trailer + Spider -Man Gets A Title and Logo!

By: Adam Basciano

Doctor Strange Poster

The first Marvel Cinematic Universe film of this year, drops on May 6, 2016. Of course, that film is Captain America: Civil War. I can’t wait to see it, and for anyone wondering, I’m #TeamIronMan!  I mean he’s Iron-Man! He’s been with every Maxim Model for an entire calendar year! If that isn’t a hero to look up to, I don’t know who is! He’s also got Vision, Black Panther, and Spider-Man on his team! What’s the 90 year old virgin Captain America bringing to the table. Aside from eye candy and cleavage galore in the form of Black Widow, he’s got his buddy “Sucky Bucky”, and the Olsen sister nobody cares about! In all seriousness, all these characters are great, and Captain America: The Winter Soldier is my favourite Marvel film. I’m super excited for the film. After Civil War though, comes Doctor Strange in November. The first teaser trailer dropped, and I’m really intrigued.  There’s some “Inception” level shenanigans happening. Throw in some “Fringe”, “Batman Begins” and “The Matrix” style moments for good measure. I know nothing about Marvel’s Sorcerer Supreme, but the trailer made me want to seek out the comic books. I’m a fan of actor Benedict Cumberbatch, so all this combined, and I am so on board this film.

At Cinema Con, Sony revealed the title and logo for their Marvel creatively controlled Spider Man film. Peter Parker and his alter ego will first appear in the aforementioned, Captain America: Civil War.  Tom Holland will spin the webs and wear the iconic costume. After that, he will swing into his own franchise. His first solo film will be titled “Spider-Man: Homecoming.” My thoughts on the title are mixed. On one hand, it’s appropriate as it infers the characters youth and high school years. It is also the title of a Spider-Man comic book story, when Venom first appeared. Also, it has a double meaning as this is the characters homecoming into the Marvel Cinematic Universe proper. On the other hand, it’s a clunky title, that doesn’t have much pop! I’d have proffered The Spectacular Spider-Man myself. The font of the title leaves me torn as well. I appreciate that it calls to mind the font of various Spider-Man animated logo’s, but I also, dislike it, because it looks too much like an animated series logo. Regardless, all reports indicate that Tom Holland is a scene stealer in Civil War. If that’s true, my excitement for Spider-Man: Homecoming will increase even further.


(Source: Marvel Entertainment, Sony)



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