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Superman To Appear On Supergirl Season 2…For Real + The Flash Hires A “Dope” Director!

By: Adam Basciano

Superman costume in Fortress

Supergirl has been renewed for a second season, but the show will no longer air on CBS. Instead, the show will shift over to The CW this fall, joining its DC Comics brethren Arrow, The Flash, and DC’s Legend’s of Tomorrow. Furthermore, Supergirl will be part of a 4 night crossover with all of those shows. However, the exciting news doesn’t stop there. Remember all those Superman mentions and references in Season 1? Everything from name drops to text messages, and even seeing his shadow? You remember those.  Well, those Superman c**k teases as I call them, end in season two! Why you ask? Well, The Man of Steel will finally appear in person and in the flesh to interact with his Kryptonian cousin. “The Hollywood Reporter has learned that the former CBS series will introduce the iconic DC Comics superhero when it moves to The CW in the fall. Superman will first be seen visiting his cousin Kara (Melissa Benoist) in National City at the beginning of the series’ second season. The role is currently being cast.” Obviously, Superman won’t be played by current big screen Kal-El, Henry Cavill. That ship long sailed, when WB decided to keep their film universe and movie universe separate. A wise move, in my opinion.  Smallville fanatics should hold their horses as well, because it’s unlikely that Tom Welling will reprise his Clark Kent role from over a decade ago. He was never too keen on playing Superman on his own show anyway. Besides. the role is being described as currently being cast. I don’t think the producers would screen test Welling. They know what he brings to the table. Also, it’s not like he’s busy. I mean he hasn’t done anything relevant acting wise, since Smallville ended its run. Speaking of Supergirl’s producers, they had this to say; “Greg [Berlanti], Ali [Adler] and I are beyond thrilled to welcome Clark Kent and his slightly-more-famous alter ego to the world of Supergirl,” executive producer Andrew Kreisberg said. “Superman will be appearing in the first two episodes of the new season and we cannot wait to see who next dons the red cape!”


Over on the DC Films side of the universe, the film starring Ezra Miller as the fastest man alive, has found someone to steer him in the right direction.  “Warner Brothers has found its director for its feature The Flash starring Ezra Miller. The studio has chosen Rick Famuyiwa, the up-and-coming director who on the feature front most recently helmed the Sundance pic Dope, which he scripted. He will step in and direct the film that Warner Bros has slotted for release on March 16, 2018. Warner Bros is looking for the right chemical mix on its superhero picture line based on the DC Comics heroes that started with Batman V Superman, and the feeling internally was that Famuyiwa provided a vision that would resonate with young viewers and that vision was very compatible with the script that the studio is moving toward the starting gate with.” I didn’t see Dope, but friends of mine who have said it was great, so I’ll take their word for it.  Any time you can get a director who has critical acclaim, it’s a great step in the right direction for your film. So in the case of The Flash, he’s off to a running start.

(Sources: The Hollywood Reporter, Deadline)


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