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Suicide Squad Is The #1 Movie In The World + Superman Sequel In Active Development!

By: Adam Basciano

Suicide Squad #1 Movie

This past weekend saw the debut of Suicide Squad around the world. In both North America and abroad, Suicide Squad set the record as the largest grossing opening weekend in the month of August ever. It easily bested previous record holder, Marvel’s “Guardians of the Galaxy.” In the U.S. & Canada, Amanda Waller and her Task Force X collected a staggering $133,682,248. When you factor in foreign markets, Suicide Squad made an additional 133,300,000 oversees. That means Deadshot, Harley Quinn and the rest of the crew, ran away with a worldwide total of $266,982,248 in just 3 days of release. In addition to besting a Disney/Marvel property, it also beat the domestic and worldwide debut of Fox/Marvel X-Men spinoff, Deadpool.  It’s worth noting that audience members consisted of 54% male and 46% female. That is a higher percentage of female viewership then is typical for the superhero genre. The film also saw increased viewership amongst the African-American and Latino communities. Also of note, is the fact that the newly minted DC Films brand and it’s 3 films to date, is the only franchise where the films all had $100 Million+ opening weekends.

Solo Superman

Speaking of DC Films, the film that started it all was 2013’s Man of Steel. Given that Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice was thought of as the defacto sequel to Man of Steel, fans wondered if Superman would ever get another stand alone feature film. Especially since no such film was part of the currently announced slate. Well, fret not Superman fans, Henry Cavill will take flight and headline his own film once again! The Wrap has exclusively learned that; “Superman is a top priority for the studio and getting the character right for audiences is of tantamount importance. The “Man of Steel” sequel is a long way from getting a release date. A standalone “Batman” film does not yet have a date, but will likely come before the Superman sequel, the person familiar with the project said. Warner Bros. has two untitled DC films to be released on Oct. 5, 2018 and Nov. 1, 2019, but hasn’t said what they will be.” I’d place a good bet that we’ll see the Batman and Superman solo films occupy those two dates.

(Sources: Box Office Mojo, The Wrap)


One comment on “Suicide Squad Is The #1 Movie In The World + Superman Sequel In Active Development!

  1. Good to hear your thoughts about this movie, it’s been hard to know what to think with the mixed reception! Have you posted about it on any movie sites? 🙂


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