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The Crow Reboot Finds Its Ill Fated Lovers + Star Wars Spinoff Goes Rogue!

By: Adam Basciano All signs are pointing to the fact that “The Crow” reboot is actually going to take flight this time around. This is solidified by the fact that the film has found the actors to portray the ill-fated lovers at the center of the films story. “During a Q&A panel a the Lexington […]

The Crow Remake/Reboot Looks For New Star + Firestorm Wants To Be A Power Ranger!

By: Adam Basciano The Crow has gone from a comic book, to a really good cult classic film, which spawned several not so good sequels, followed by a short lived TV series.  The property is being brought back to film again by Relativity Media. The current incarnation has had many directors and actors flirt with […]