Animal Man

Comic Book Review – Animal Man #4

By Matthew Rapier Things are looking bleak for Buddy Baker and Maxine inside of The Red. A few creatures from The Rot infiltrated their current surroundings and Maxine is rendered too scared to even look at her father being destroyed. One of the Totem’s reassured Maxine that even though the creatures are powerful, The Red […]

Comic Book Review: Animal Man #3

By: Matthew Rapier When I first returned to comics on a weekly basis, I looked around for something outside of my normal liking of just straight-up superhero comics. In doing so I stumbled across a few trades of Grant Morrison’s run on Animal Man. I was told these were very innovative ideas and themes at […]

Comic Book Review: Animal Man #2

By: Mark Cormier At the risk of sounding like a Marvel fanboy, there is a remarkable Spider-Man like quality about Animal Man. Unlike most of the characters in the DC Universe who are superheroes first and mild-mannered secret identities second, Animal Man is Buddy Baker first and Animal Man second. His superhero career is a […]

Comic Book Review: Animal Man #1

By: Mark Cormier Ironically, the most appealing thing about Animal Man is how average he is. Buddy Baker is just a regular Joe, a suburban everyman with a wife and two kids who just happens to have super powers. He didn’t become a super-hero because of some tragic occurrence like his home planet exploding or […]