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TV Review: “Arrow” – Season 3 Episode 4: “The Magician”

By: Kyle Shultz It is finally revealed to Team Arrow that Malcolm Merlyn is in fact alive after the events from Season One’s finale & to me I felt that it was kind of anti-climatic in how everything was handled. Having Malcolm show up in Starling City is kind of stupid in the fact that […]

TV Review: “Arrow” – Season 3 Episode 3: “Corto Maltese”

  By: Kyle Shultz As far as islands go in the DC Universe, the island of Corto Maltese is full of secrets, suffering, and sometimes adventures. It’s also one we hear about a lot in the DCU, it’s been mentioned in both Burton’s Batman, Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns, Green Arrow & crew went there […]

TV Review: Arrow – Season 3 Episode 2: “Sara”

By: Kyle Shultz As much as I’ve been giving Katie Cassidy hate these past two seasons (Season two, really) I must say I really love the direction the writers are taking her this season. This episode was really a big deal for Laurel Lance, as not only did her sister die, but she died right […]

TV Review: Arrow – Season 3 Episode 1: “The Calm”

By: Kyle Shultz Along with The Flash, Arrow is back on our small screen as well and it was a very welcome return. One thing I loved the most about Season Two was the momentum; the show never really skipped a beat. There was never a moment where it felt as if they were just […]

TV Review: The Flash – Season 1 Episode 7: “Power Outage”

By: Kyle Shultz When the trailer for “Power Outage” aired, I instantly had concerns about the entire episode; those concerns were that Barry losing his abilities in the episode & that this episode focused on two villains instead of one. Pleasantly to my surprise, this show handled both aspects really well. It’s fun seeing these […]

TV Review: The Flash – Season 1 Episode 6: “The Flash Is Born”

By: Kyle Shultz I’ve said it before, and I will probably keep saying it again & again until the show ends; Every week this show comes along and impresses me with what it does on the CGI front. This week we finally saw The Flash break the speed of sound, he finally went faster than […]

Jeff Wadlow Delivers Kick-Ass Script For “Masters of the Universe” Film To Studio!

By: Adam Basciano Good film or bad film, wherever you fall on the subject I absolutely loved the 1987 “Masters of the Universe” film, starring Dolph Lundgren as He-Man. While I am immensely fond of that film, even today, there were things lacking in that movie. However, the filmmakers didn’t have the time, money, or […]

TV Review: The Flash – Season 1 Episode 5: “Plastique”

By: Kyle Shultz With each episode this show impresses me with its CGI. Every week, I go into these episodes with a thought of “it can’t beat what they did last week.” Yet, they end up doing just that. This episode featured The Flash accomplishing running on the side of a building & running on water […]

TV Review: Arrow – Season 2 – Episodes 11 – 23

By: Kyle Shultz When we were last in Starling City, we saw possibly one of the most z-list characters DC Comics has to offer come to life, and he was Shrapnel. When we see him, he’s introduced as this serial bomber who is a very anti-government person, which is certainly an interesting twist to things, […]

From Neverland To Themyscira: Jason Fuchs To Write Wonder Woman!

By: Adam Basciano It’s only been a short time since we learned that Canadian born film director Michelle MacLaren will direct the Gal Gadot starring Wonder Woman film.  With that part of the process taken care of, the studio looks to have found someone to co-write the film with the director. “Jason Fuchs  is in negotiations […]