Comic Book Review – Grifter #3

By  Adam Basciano A small group of high-ranking military personnel meet in The Pentagon, and discuss the aliens after Cole Cash.  It turns out that the first appearance of these not so friendly visitors, occurred five years ago.  The first appearance caused little more than a radio signal disturbance, while their second appearance led to the disappearance of a congressman.  […]

Comic Book Review: Grifter #2

By: Adam Basciano The start of this issue finds Cole Cash in a diner.  His girlfriend/accomplice Gretchen arrives and Cole begins to tell her about his recent plight.  Naturally, she is skeptical about the aliens/creature chasing him and the voices inside his head.  She’s more concerned with the fact that he is the most wanted man […]

Comic Book Review – Grifter #1

By: Adam Basciano The issue introduces us to Cole Cash, a con artist who makes his living by conning business men all over the country.  After his latest successful con he contacts Gretchen, his accomplice and love interest.  They make plans to meet up in San Juan to celebrate their success but Cole is abducted by […]