Batman Introduces Deathstroke Into The DC Films Universe!

Batman Introduces Deathstroke Into The DC Films Universe!

By: Adam Basciano Ben Affleck is a busy guy.  He’s currently in London filming his role as Bruce Wayne/Batman, in Zack Snyder’s Justice League. He’s also in negotiations to star an direct a film for Fox, while at the same time co-writing The Batman stand alone film, which he will also direct and star in. […]

DC Comics Changes Direction Following “Convergence” Event Story!

By: Adam Basciano I like big “event” stories in comic books as much as any fan and I’m very much looking forward to “Convergence.”  However, my fear with this, is that it would lead to yet another relaunch or revamp of the DC Universe. I understand the need for it every decade or two, but […]

Wildcat & Ra’s al Ghul Set For “Arrow” Season 3 Debut!

By: Adam Basciano This past weekend at San Diego Comic Con, two pieces of big news regarding Season 3 of “Arrow” became known. One nugget of information is that DC Comics character Ted Grant, known as Wildcat, will be joining the show as in a recurring role.  In the comics, Ted Grant is a retired […]

Comic Book Review: Earth 2 #8

By: Adam Basciano “The alien war criminal Steppenwolf returns! It’s been five years since he lead the forces of Apokolips against Earth — learn what he’s been up to since then! Plus: What is the dark secret behind the last Amazon of Earth 2?” It took eight issues to deliver a story in this series […]

Comic Book Review: Earth 2 #7

By Jeremy M. Kossak In the aftermath of the battle with the Grey, Earth 2 has come to a full recovery! Hawkgirl takes the time to visit Alan Scott, telling him she knows he’s the Green Lantern. She goes on to tell some of her secrets, prompting Alan to talk about his. High in the […]

Comic Book Review: Earth 2 #6

By: Jeremy M. Kossak The end times are here as the new Wonders of Earth 2 face off against Grundy and the Grey! The World Army has nukes on the way to D.C. where the Flash and Hawkgirl try to hold off Grundy. Green Lantern engages the Grey from within but is convinced he’s in […]

Comic Book Review: Earth 2 #4-5

By: Adam Basciano “THE GREEN LANTERN, THE FLASH and HAWKGIRL in action! The debut of the all-new ATOM SMASHER! A monstrous evil claws its way out of the poisoned soil of EARTH 2! It’s the final showdown with GRUNDY! The Green Lantern, Hawkgirl and The Flash take on Grundy and the military’s hero, The Atom! The Green Lantern […]

Comic Book Review: Earth 2 #3

By: Jeremy M. Kossak The spotlight is on Alan Scott in this issue! In the wreckage of the train disaster from last issue, Alan is engulfed in a mysterious green flame. The flame heals Alan while explaining that he must now serve a higher purpose. In Poland, Jay Garrick confronts Hawkgirl who tells him that “Fate” […]

Comic Book Review: Earth 2 #2

By: Adam Basciano “MR. TERRIFIC – Michael Holt – lands on EARTH TWO! Don’t miss the origin of the Earth Two FLASH – and the first time he uses his powers! What could be a bigger threat to Earth Two than APOKOLIPS? Jay Garrick is about to find out!” (DC Comics) I absolutely loved this […]

Comic Book Review: Earth 2 #1

By: Jeremy M. Kossak Apokolips has declared war on Earth. Only Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman stand between the Parademons and Armageddon itself. Batman has a plan; he just has to climb one of the many towers that threaten to tear Earth apart. While Superman and Wonder Woman both give Bruce the chance he needs, Supergirl (Kara) […]