Captain Marvel

Wonder Woman Loses Director + Captain Marvel Gains Writers & Olivia Munn Joins The X-Men!

By: Adam Basciano Fanboys and fangirls alike were all really excited when Michelle MacLaren was announced as the director of the stand alone Wonder Woman film.  Sadly, that excitement was ultimately premature as the director has left the film. ““Given creative differences, Warner Bros. and Michelle MacLaren have decided not to move forward with plans […]

TV Review: Agent Carter – Season 1 Episode 6: “A Sin To Err”

By: Darryl Frisbie Leviathan gets cold and ruthless in these next couple episodes which were shocking and tragic. The beginning of this episode we see the terrorist group recruiting and one of them is Ivchenko. He is a doctor and engineer who supposedly comes to SSR as a defect ready to reveal Leviathan’s secrets. Agent […]

Let’s Make A Deal: Sony + Marvel Set To Share Spider-Man!

By: Adam Basciano Call Wayne Brady and Howie Mandel, because the rumors are true. Spider-Man will swing his way into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, as Sony and Marvel, owned by Disney will share the Spider – Man franchise.  What does this mean for Sony’s plans for further entries into the current “Amazing Spider Man” franchise, and previously announced spinoff’s? […]

Marvel Announces Phase 3 Film Titles & Release Dates!

By: Adam Basciano Almost two weeks ago, Warner Brothers & DC Entertainment announced a slate of 10 films from the year 2016-2020.  Today, Disney & Marvel Studio’s decided to add to the awesomeness by revealing their full slate of Phase 3 films.  A total of 9 films between 2016-2019. While the message board brigade and certain […]