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First Look: Photo & Plot For “Justice League: Throne of Atlantis”

By: Adam Basciano One of the true bright spots of the New 52 initiative was it’s treatment of Aquaman.  Geoff Johns over his 25 issue run on the book penned some of, if not the best Aquaman stories ever told.  He challenged the negative perceptions of the character, and played up the Atlantean mythology of the […]

Scott Snyder Gives Fans A Batman Eternal Teaser In Time For American Thanksgiving!

Earlier today, BATMAN ETERNAL showrunner and #1 New York Times bestselling writer Scott Snyder revealed via his Twitter a new promo image by Jason Fabok for the upcoming 2014 weekly series. Featuring characters from all across the Batman mythos, this new art is chock-full of Easter eggs and teases as to what’s to come. How […]

Comic Book Review: Green Lantern Corps #8-12 (Alpha War)

By: Matthew Rapier The Alpha Lanterns have finally learned of the terrible deed John Stewart performed while under captivity of The Keepers. Lantern Kirrt Kallak was about to give vital information away that would have jeopardized the entire Lantern Corps and OA itself, so John had no choice but to snap his neck to avoid […]

Comic Book Review: Batman – Death of The Family (Part One)

By: Matthew Rapier Death of the Family kicks off in Batman #13 with Joker infiltrating the GCPD and playing a clever game in offing many of Gordon’s crew. He ends up kidnapping Alfred Pennyworth and leaves Bruce Wayne a message with sounds of Alfred being tortured in the background. Batman deduces that Joker is re-creating […]

DC Comics Kicks Off Villains Month Today!

For some, September means going back to school. For others, it means saying goodbye to summer and getting ready for the upcoming fall season. But here at DC Comics, this September means one thing: Villains Month! The Justice League is presumed dead and the Crime Syndicate has arrived following the tragic events of this summer’s […]

ComicBook Review: Aquaman #12

By: Jeremy M. Kossak Now, Mera finally meets the Others! Their meeting doesn’t begin well, both parties demand answers about Arthur’s recent behavior. Speaking of him, Arthur can’t help but watch at Black Manta discovers the location of the seventh relic. Dr. Shin is about to clock out (the hard way) when Aquaman leaps into […]

Comic Book Review: Action Comics #10-12

By: Matthew Rapier Depending on the person you ask, the New 52 is either the worst thing to happen for Superman comics or the best. I have a friend that was not high on the character before the New 52 and finally started reading Superman titles in the company shift. Another friend has despised every […]

Comic Book Review: H’EL on Earth – Superman #14 + Superboy #15 + Supergirl #15

By: Adam Basciano “It’s their worst nightmare: a creature of unknown Kryptonian origin, more powerful than Superman, smarter than Supergirl and more lethal than Superboy–and his actions will change the course of a planet’s fate! The moment is finally here: Superboy and Superman, face to face! But with Superboy dying from the wounds H’El inflicted […]

Comic Book Review: Justice League #13

By: Matthew Rapier Justice League #13 sets the end of the extensive battle with David Graves and welcomes in a new threat from a classic familiar foe, Cheetah. Wonder Woman has generally been associated with the character and she makes it known to the leaguers that they don’t have to step in and help because […]

Comic Book Review: Justice League #12

By: Jeremy M. Kossak The events of the last few issues are summed up quickly by the Expositional News Network. Just kidding, it’s TMZ. They are of the opinion that the Justice League isn’t the team the world needs. The League, however, have confronted ghosts at Mount Sumeru. The ghosts, including Steve Trevor’s, try to […]